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I didn't get too many more this time, i had plenty left from ds!! They don't worry me though, I'm never going to have a body that wants to wear a 2 piece and showing your belly off isn't my thing anymore. The tattoo I have is pretty funny looking now!! It's a nice ring of flowers around my belly button, it's not destroyed, just different!
I jsut don't think life os going to ever settle down!! Most of the time things are going well. DD had a cold for a few days and it interupted her sleep patterns. I hd been so tired at night that I would just cry while she was nursing and then again while she laid there looking into space. I thought I was giong to loose it! I decided I don't care how DH feels, if she sleeps with us, we'll get more sleep!! So she's been sleeping either on my belly, or on the outside...
We started to swaddle after the first few days, the nurses in the hospital swaddled and I can't figure out why they didn't volunteer to teach us how. It's a life saver. I swaddle her only at night, hoping this will help her figure out night and day. I never thought about doing it without pj's though, I feel like she;ll get too cold in the Wisconsin winter, but maybe I'm wrong, i'll try tonight with just a t-shirt and see if it helps. She has been waking up...
I didn't get them either, the infants worked just fine!
I was thinking about sewing two layers together and then adding a layer of flannel so I could use them as doublers in other dipes, Maybe I'll do this but leave one edge open so they dry quicker. I do recall the FB microfiber insert taking awhile to dry and I think it's 3 layers. Thanks for the thoughts!! i only have 3 pockets dipes right now, I think i'll have to buy some more!!
Michelle~ What a cutie!! I like how he's posed, I'm going to have to do that with Josie so ican have a good pic to frame and put on the pictue wall!! And you're not a bad mom, sometimes I really wish dh could take her for a few hours so i could get some sleep, I'm really lacking it today. Any one else have a babe who likes to stay up for a couple hours after nursing in the middle of the night? The last week she wakes up sometime after 2am, eats, falls asleep right...
I just picked up a package of microfiber towels from sam's, now what? I know stuff them in a pocket, but how many at a time? And Ive read some people say not to put them against babies skin, why? Are there any other good uses for these? I didn't expect to be bying an 18 pack, I don't think i need that many, but we'll see. Can I sew them into better shaped inserts? Thanks for the input!
I'm just wondering where everyone else is with this. I've lost about 30 lbs, give or take a few. I think I'm about 15 over wehre I was when I got pg, but I had started to gain weight during the holidays last year. So far my tops are fitting fine, a bit snug in the bust, but good every where else. My pants still won't button, but at least I can pull them up now! I imagine by next week I'll be able to fit in the roomer pants! I am worried about losing weight, it's...
I saw that warmer and thought it might leak. I don't have one, but I probably won't get that one now. When DS was little I had the best warmer, it was simple and plain, I have no clue what happened to it. We've moved alot!! I'm curious where others have gotten warmers, the ones at target both have that window in the front and I just want a plain box style!
I gave Josie an Oatmeal bath and the redness cleared up dramatically! There are only a few red bumps left, but nothing like it was. I used the Aveeno stuff, but I'm sure there's a home recipe for this somewhere. i'd highly recomend it, I felt so bad when her skin was so red and irritated!
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