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You need a lawyer, if there is any way you can afford one. Lawyer can advise on a restraining order, informing hr at your works, and how the custodyaws work in your state. (If there is any chance he is the bio dad) one option is to relocate with your fiance to the state with the very best custodyaws for your situation. (Utah?) this has to be done before the baby is born. Lawyer can advise if this is needed.
That must be so hard for her. I can't imagine the difficulty of medically managing diabetes in a child that young.
Have you checked out google phone? They have some intl calling options.
With a dental dam in place for removal there is no demonstrateble exposure to mercury. The outside air and "special supplements" are not evidence based.   Basically, you TTC whenever you want. Your real mercury risk is in consuming  shark, swordfish and certain types of tuna. http://www.nrdc.org/health/effects/mercury/guide.asp
If you put down less than 20% when you purchased the house, you probably are paying mortgage insurance premiums. (PMI) There is a HUGE savings going forward if you recast or refinance the mortgage to get rid of the mortgage insurance. Call your mortgage holder and ask for details. After that, I would go with a college fund for the kids. We go with a 529 plan (I think) and there is a way to get the money out if you really, really need it.
She is getting 100% WAP formula?
The root canal procedure will be just fine. The filling is gutta-percha. Evidence based medicine, ya know? The whole root canal toxicity theory was something come up with in the 1930s to sell snake oil, or something like that.
Sorry about the typos. Iphone here and very hard to edit. Take them to chicago if you can. (not sure how far you are. ) take them to see the nearest big river, lake, tall buildings, corn fields, etc. - they will have things to talk about back home! If you want bonus points, make some flash cards with food and animal words in hindi. Get them out and "drill" your son on them. This demonstrates how important education is to you, lol. After the relatives leave they go to the...
Ok... More details! Culturally, you and the kids will be going along on any trip with your husband and inlaws. even if things are significantly more complicated. Even if kids wont enjoy it. Just the way it is. The only exception might be if they go somewhere overnight to visit a cousin somewhere else. Next. Your inlaws may be bored. It will be hard on them, really, to be so far away from home. Make one visit to the temple before they arrive. Find out the names of a few...
What part of India Are they from? Have they been to the usa before? My suggestions - find local people (retired) from their part of india. Invite them over. They will have things to talk about, i promise. One or two retired visitor PER DAY. is not too many. Takethem to the local temple (assuming they are hindu, lol) every day is ok. That is their social thing. Invite temple friends to your home. offer sweets. Have a party with other indian families. Sometimes, it may be...
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