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Lands End. 20% off (appears to include discount on sale and clearance items) PLUS free shipping with no minimum. KEEPWARM code 7440 (through end of Nov 24th)   this code worked for me today!
2 cute maternity shirts size "L", one lightweight burgandy cotton, one light blue lightweight polyester. both so cute I kept them even after delivering! (motherhood and maternity brand).    still available: project dipes .6  Bum genius diapers. need elastic replacement AND/OR velcro replacement. I will include BOTH the elastic and the velcro bits needed for the repair.   PM tired x2 to get them sent to you!
Start with the easiest stuff. Try to find a person with a "need" for that. "Can I take your old hunting mags to the local veteran's home for them to read?"   or something.
Family 13 (MA) has a son in need of a special seat, the Yobigo Max .   http://www.yogibo.com/ecommerce/yogi/yogi-max.html    I could chip in $25 IF we can find 8 others to also do so, but only before december 1. So far this family has no help yet.           
Gift tax is only for gifts over $13,000. So mom + dad can give you $26,000 per year.   http://turbotax.intuit.com/tax-tools/tax-tips/Tax-Planning-and-Checklists/The-Gift-Tax/INF12036.html      
First a quick answer to your stated question. If your choices are "constant temperature for the house at 65 degrees" versus "setback thermostat to 60 degrees at night, 65 during daytime", and both heat sources are the same with no smart metering on electricity, then the setback thermostat will always be more cost effective. The short "reason" is that the higher the temperature inside, the more heat energy is lost to the outside.  Lower temperature inside at night = less...
Baby boy is 11 months old. He finally has his first tooth, and it is hurting him I guess. He needs a nap. I useually nurse him to sleep. Right now he will bite me if I try to nurse him. How long will this last? Advice needed!
Medella Pump-in-Style breast pump. In good working order (but not considered a hospital-grade pump) Has the outside parts but needs new tubing.   still available : "Project dipes  - 6 or so Bum genius 2.0 diapers. Very badly in need of elastic replacement AND/OR velcro fix (or snap conversion). I will include BOTH the elastic and the velcro bits needed for the repair."   pm tiredx2     Pump requested 11/17, added by TiredX2
Looks like the Yogobo Max is $229. I will chip in $25 (paypal!) if enough other helpers can come up with the rest. :-)
wOW. What Mamlisa said is spot on: "It's a smokescreen for something else, something inside him that is making him unhappy and he's using you as a scape goat to take the blame."   After 16 years of marriage, this is certainly about him not wanting to be married anymore, or about him having mental health issues, or having met someone else. Say he did talk to the priest: "Wife was not a virgin 16 years ago and now I want an anullment because of it." That would be...
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