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osteogenisis imperfecta. ask your doctor to pursue genetic testing. http://www.oif.org  
Calm, if you are going to claim "cure" of HIV/AIDS, cancer and autism, you need to provide peer reviewed studies. The ball is in your court to PROVE the treatment cures the disease (or alters the brain in the cause of autism). Even some links to PLOS will help to make your case.   There is significant potential for harm in the use of alternative treatments ONLY when effective conventional treatments exist. Christine Maggiore's daughter was HIV infected at birth, for...
Calm, a few years ago you and I had a discussion in TAO over "causation" of HIV/AIDs. Can you please clarify your feelings on the point? Do you believe that HIV/AIDS is caused by a virus, or caused by overuse of poppers, or something else? How about malaria? Do you believe in plasmodium causing malaria?   Mods, thank you for separating out this discussion!          
Actually, there are frozen samples of smallpox at one or two very well guarded government labs.  "Three known repositories of the virus were left, one in Birmingham, England which was later destroyed after an accidental escape from containment caused the death of Janet Parker, and two still remaining at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia and the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology (VECTOR) in Koltsovo, Russia." (wikipedia)   Evidence...
CIO2 - I would love to see some peer reviewed studies.  Double blind is probably expected along with independant testing of blood samples before and after. (CD4 t-cell count  and HIV antibody testing.)   If poosible, get your name on the first peer reviewed studies - cause that Nobel Prize will look great on your wall. I think they even pay your way to Norway, which would be a nice vacation for the familly.  
The very best foreclosure deals go to all-cash buyers. Don't go with the radio program, whatever it is. :-( Many houses may have costly repairs needed asap (water damage).   Your state may have a 1st time buyer assistance program or low income program. Look into it.   Next, get a free copy of your credit report and talk with your bank. Can you get pre-approved, and for how much?   Finally, talk with a couple of real estate agents. They work for themselves,...
I would add this to the summary:   (date of dd's birth) through may 2010 ex mIl was invited to come see dd at our home on 15 occasions and declined. we offered to bring dd to mil's home on 12 occasions and she accepted once.   (or whatever the approximate numbers are)
your boiler "just" a hot water heater, or hot water + household heating?   are you replacing because it stopped working or some other reason?   I would strongly suggest you get quotes from 3 local HVAC companies. (not sears!)   You can get  probably solar hot water for about $7500 ($10,000 less incentives) - something to consider.   Here is a useful link: http://www.dsireusa.org/
Some employers allow you to add a non-child dependent to the plan. (for example if a parent lives with you) Since you have several siblings there are several chances there. She might also have assess to lower cost health insurance if she enrolled at a community college.   Is there a national advocacy organization for her illness? You could call them and ask for advice about how to navigate the health insurance system (medicaid or whatever) to help her.    
An average house in the USA uses 12,000 KWH per year. (a fairly big part of that is air conditioner usage, not applicable for you) Your consumption is way over and it can be brought down. I don't think the new water heater is the problem.   The #1 suspect for your situation is the fridge. An older, failing fridge can gulp massive amounts of electricity. You can test your fridge with a Kill-o-watt meter, about $25 from Amazon or your local home center (home depot, for...
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