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Was this a blood test, a hair test, a stool test? What lab did it? Why was the test ordered? Which heavy metals and what levels?
Ask for the removal to be done with a dental dam in place. (mine were done this way even without asking.)   I am not a fan of amalgam, but there is little evidence of harm from 1-4 amalgams in the mouth, or from amalgam removal prior to TTC. 18 months is a LONG time to wait... you could have a blood test for mercury done if you are really worried.   Mercury in fish is a huge concern, much more than amalgam - select your fish carefully....
That is great news! We love our electric brushes. :-)
Please write a letter of complaint to the doctor. Please!
Congratulations. You wont regret dumping him :-)   I really really hope you have blocked his number, his texts, his emails. If he shows up call the police.   Reminder, nice guys don't live like slobs.
Evidence based medicine suggests tooth brushing and xylitol gum to reduce bacteria counts. (not eliminate) For you, making sure you keep up with cleanings and fillings as needed it important for your continued dental health, as it dental treatment for your toddler.   Fluoride can make tooth surfaces stronger, making them more resistant to decay. There is a risk/benefit consideration to do with fluoride, I have chosen to use it with my kids.
    IMHO, you can learn a LOT about a partner from how they handle money and make joint financial decisions. Something to think about, in terms of your future with this guy. Was it your car or his that ran out of gas and got towed? This was the only car the two of your had?  
Get it fixed ASAP. As others have mentioned, this is very very serious. (especially if you become pregnant.)   In your situation, I think a dental school would be worth the risk. Maybe they could even get you implants. Get the surgery done ASAP (2011 insurance year) then get the denture or prosthesis installed in 2012. (this would slightly stretch out the normal healing time for implants.   The biggest thing about dental school work is it will take longer than...
If you can prove that your dad kept part of the survivor benefits meant for you, you can possible take him to small claims court. (there is a statute of limitations on this, not sure how long.) Your local representative's office (congressperson) or a free legal aid may be able to help you straighten out the SSI situation.
My Mom worked for years as a wheelchair mechanic, both electric and manual. It was a great job for her. She got that job mostly by having worked on bicycles (for herself) and being pretty darn handy with tools. If your partner wants to work as a bike mechanic, he should hit the streets and find a job - any job - working in a bike shop (or doing wheelchair repair, which is very very closely related). If he really wants to take the course, work for a year in the shop and...
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