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Interested in getting Chicken Pox here in Chester, VT. Please, please post if there is confirmed pox and people want to meet up.
I would love info on the Putney group too.. ; )
Thanks ladies! I deeply feel like it was all just right the way it happened. I'm hoping for the same with my DD who will be 3 yo Dec. 21st...not necessarily BF until 5 yo (which would be totally fine too), but weaning herself peacfully.
Wow...sounds EXACTLY like our mornings!
I am happy and somewhat sad to report that my DS decided 1½ months before his 5th Birthday that he is done with "milkies." I was only planning on BF him until 2 yo...... Once we got to 2yo I didn't see any point in stopping it, so we just went with it. His sister was born when he was 23½ months, so we have been tandem nursing since then. I have always lurked here but never introduced myself because I felt like it would commit me to CLW.......yeah....weird I know, but true....
Ok ladies, so what is the BEST vaporizer out there and what website would you HIGHly recommend?
I think doctors are running scared. Big pharma, big government and the insurance companies are breathing down their necks. So sorry this has happened to you. Can you find a naturopath in your area?
I've got the Vibram 5 finger shoes on order! I trail run and have had a stick through the foot when going barefoot, so this is the next best thing. So excited!
Damn, I'm going to be camping that day. Wonder if he is going to do any other upper New England gigs. oh welllllll.
Mary Lawlor at Monadnock Birth Center is amazing! Had her for both of my home births and I highly recommend her.
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