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In our old house (one story) I'd leave the door ajar. When ds was done napping he'd climb out of bed and find me. I also had a baby monitor in there so I could hear if he even rolled over. I usually knew he was coming before he made it to me. Now that we live in a 2-story house I have a gate at the top of the stairs so when he wakes up he can't come down without me. I close all other doors in the hallway so he can't decide to get into trouble in another room....
My ds is 18 months old now. I loved to nurse him until recently. : He will not hold still. Kicks and pulls and wiggles and it's hard to hold him. Not relaxing and cuddly at all. I feel like we're wrestling. He hardly ever nurses to sleep anymore either. So we nurse and then I still have to bounce him on the exercise ball for 10-20 minutes to get him to sleep. I've kinda had it today. Plus, I always hang onto this love handle fat pad until my babies wean and I'd like it...
Quote: We tried once about 2 months and again about 4 months PP but both times it was painful and caused terrifying flashbacks (I was birth-raped). I'm sorry AutumnAir... but this disturbed me so much. I don't mean to be insensitive but what is "birth raped"? I've never heard of such a horrible sounding thing. The only thing I'm sure of is that no human being should have to go through it.
Has anyone else had this? On my left side, bottom rib... it feels funny. Not painful but annoying, like it's not where it should be. Especially if I slouch. Anyone else? IS it a rib? How do you fix it?
I've had three. I notice a difference. I'm hoping Kegels will help. It's depressing.
what's he screeching about? Is he angry when he does it? Happy? Just enjoying the noise?
thanks AngelBee... but no, nothing really specific that I think anyone here could help with. I'd just like to improve the quality of my mothering and possibly my marriage. Not that either are bad... I just think there could be more. I was just interested in how many other women come to the same place... and it seems like quite a few. For what it's worth... I think anyone that goes to counseling is brave. It's hard and sometimes painful work.
I'm just wondering how many mothers out there seek some type of counseling at some point. Or, if not counseling... what? for me... kids have definitely raised some demons that I'd rather not have. I don't want my kids to bear the scars that I have from my childhood. And I guess... if they end up with them anyway... I'd like them to at least know that I TRIED not to do them emotional harm. So, I'm considering counseling to try and purge some of this baggage.
the human body will never cease to amaze me. especially a mother's!
Never. Never got my period back until my baby was completely weaned. Even one nursing a day... to sleep at night... still no period. I had to wean both my babies to conceive the next. Bummer. But... nice to not have a period for so long!
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