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Help please, I need some support. My dd is almost 6 mos. and is still exclusively breast-milk fed. I work part time (28 hrs. wk.) but pump at work. Here's the thing... I get all kinds of pressure and unwanted advice about how she should or should not be sleeping. My step mother is always suggesting that I call her pediatrican friend ("the expert") to talk about dd. She seems to think that its a problem that dd doesn't sleep through the night yet. I'd like someone to...
I'm a little late (but I've been busy ) Ella Rae was born August 11 8lbs. 3 oz. 21" BEAUTIFUL!! Used the bradley method and made it through without any drugs. I was sooo proud. She came out head and fist first. I think she was punching her way into the world... and as it turns out, she's a very fiery little girl. Sweet but headstrong. Can't wait to have another. I LOVE being a mamma. sooooooo sad to have to go back to work, even if it is part time from home.
I don't have Cigna insurance but I'm planning on using a doula for my delivery in August. I am definitely going to try and have the expenses reimbursed. The woman from the insurance company that I talked to said that it's a good idea to back your claim up with research. DONA provides some on the internet but does anyone else out there know of any studies that I can quote that outline the benefits of using a doula. Statistics... I need positive statistics... If anyone...
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