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Quote: Originally Posted by rere Will you be knitting it or sewing it? I finished a rice bag.Got some buttons for the bacon bracelet and an album cover to attempt a wallet with.Slowly but surely.... Sewing, I can't knit for the life of me. and I can only do basic of basic crochet. That rice bag looks awesome! Anyone have ideas for boyfriends- not necessarily husbands....
I plan on making my daughter a cape with a hood similar to red riding hood's for xmas.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kidzaplenty Can you block JUST him, or do you have to set it to "protected" where only your friends can see you? I have not used facebook, but just got my own account and have been wondering this. you can block JUST him, i'm not totally sure how... but I do know you can do it. One of my friends complained the other night that her ex boyfriend blocked her all of a sudden. But she was friends with him first. So you...
I'm so sorry Cal! You and your family are in my prayers!!
I do, but I run on adrenaline. I act first and think about my well being later. it's how I've always been.
Accept it. I don't know if you believe in god, but He works in His ways. Same thing happened to me awhile back. An ex emailed me random talked to me a few times we caught up and he wired money that was really needed. No strings. I had been praying for something to happen in my life so allow costs to get covered. And his answer to me was there are no coincidences. I asked god. My friend ended up emailing me with the exact amount needed. He had gotten an unexpected check in...
me- and he has her too- which makes it harder for me i think.
I was baptized yesterday and will receive the Holy Ghost today at church. I've read this thread and will most likely lurk for a bit. Just wanted to let everyone know.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tracy congratulations, ambrose! Losing a job on Balsamic is the most perfect day to lose a job. It totally was not going to match your new life via your treasure map. I have always felt there is a blessed energy around you and this is proof of it in my mind.... more good to come! hugs tracy You know- I gotta say I'm not nearly as upset about this job loss as I thought I would be. Reading this makes more sense as...
Not to be a serial poster-LOL but I started my map last night. I broke it up into the 9 baguas (?) and used the colors associated to them as background. I just started going through magazines before I got tired. I plan on working on it again tonight after DD goes to bed. I'm proud of my map this year. It looks so much better than lasst years...---- that one was done on the back of a paperbag.
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