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weevils. that's my theory at least. We had rice that developed into weevils and after researching found out that weevils lay their eggs inside the grain and when the egg hatches the weevil eats it's way out. Gross, totally. Here is a link to wiki for some of you if you want to read up on it. (I did research beyond wiki, but it's an easy link) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weevil
When she is throwing a tantrum and then we conceed and say yes--- she continues, after FULLY UNDERSTANDING that she is getting what she wants... and then proceed to continue to tantrum asking "WHY WHY WHY" and mixing up why- i want please please pretty please- and why momma why. i have momma, why i get it.:
I'm trying to limit myself to no more than 10 tabs at a time because if my laptop breaks too I'm SOL. I have no way of saving the other computer without putting so much into it I'd be better off buying a new one. The computer tech about crapped himself when I was explaining the days leading up to the crash- all the trouble and how it kept freaking out on me as I increased the tabs and yadda yadda. He's trying to pull my files off my two hard drives tommarrow so I at least...
Quote: Originally Posted by abimommy How many tabs does it take to do that?? I think by the time it finally crashed I had been loading it up to about 30+ tabs every time i logged on. I'm the epitome of addicted when i can crash my computer because of mdc....
Hello Ambrose- we've noticed you have not been as active on MDC lately. Despite the reason being that you crashed your computer because you opened too many tabs of threads from MDC-thus freezing and overloading your computer one too many times, encouraging your motherboard to crap out; that is no excuse for you to not be on here being an active member. Chop chop. You have one of your computers back now. Get to tabbing.
Quote: Originally Posted by aniT Peeing in the shower kills the germs that cause athletes foot. DH has athletes food and I never get it. Maybe I should tell him to pee on his feet. I never thought of that. Athletes food hmm.... that's gotta be... interesting.
Tracy- I got that package you sent, and it was so cool! Manifested those shoes you sent.
http://www.scrabulousapps.com/scrabulous.mp3 Trust me, it will brighten your day. Any people not of the facebook scrabulous variety should click too. Very entertaining, and gives a wonderful alternative beat for children.
For anyone who has upcoming appointments that they dread and are nervous or anxious as all get out.... It'll be ok.
I think it looks better shaved- you look HAWT.
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