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Quote: Originally Posted by Penelope Now *that* is an awesome resolution! Well, I figure that I want to not make resolutions that I'll end up getting depressed by, or having it be inevitably failed. And hey- tattoos are cool and I have been putting off getting one for over four years. The excuse? No money. So this year- who cares if I dont have enough by my high standards. I'm determined to get one anyway.
I had a friend when I was 16 who shot himself. I still don't understand it, and I'm 22. It's still really freaking hard. Every year on Feb 10th and 14th (the day of his funeral) I get upset. : I think the only thing that has helped me was compiling his pictures and art he did (I got copies of them) and his obit in a simple little book to periodically page through, but not something I did often as to not throw myself in a huge depression. And on his anniversary of his...
Yes. Vision World, and eye care store/doctor's office primarily in MN. I have to work today. I've been working non stop since the day before Xmas.... I FINALLY get a day off on Thursday to catch up on PMs and shtick.
get a tattoo and file for dh's birth certificate.
Oriole- I'm not mod, I'm just a GA. I just go around and let mods know when topics are posted in wrong forums and when blatant UA Violations are occurring. As for everything else that happened while I was not here. It does just seem a communication misunderstanding. I wasn't aware that English wasn't your primary language, I apologize for any misunderstanding or hurt feelings.:
For my son Lasius --he would be 1 yr and 3 months old. For my m/c angels Jackson and Kaia For my step grandfather "Pop" For my friend Jeff Copeland who committed suicide For my friend Shawn Diaz who died in a car crash For my friend Robby Murray who also died in a car crash For my husbands mother, who was a drug addict and the last time we spoke to/heard from her she had stage 4 cancer and was unable to get treatment. That was 3.5 years ago...
Hey now, the gosh comment is perfectly ok here. We've had topics like what you're talking about in Spirituality for a LONG time now. Abimommy our wonderful admin (and I really do love you abi) has said that we'd have to put up 800 other subforums if we had one for this. And I agree with her. Tarot, runes, energies, etc are all on some level spiritual. It doesn't necessarily mean that to you it's the same type of spiritual as Christian faiths. I myself am not very...
Quote: Originally Posted by bigeyes Ambrose, is that the buckland romani deck as your avatar? It's not a deck. LOL, it's the Romani flag. http://www.romani.org/rishi/romanthm.html
Isn't that what spirituality is for?
I am doing a scarf. I have no idea how to do anything else on the dang looms. I have the long one and not the round ones. I get kinda confused.
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