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Quote: Originally Posted by laoxinat Yeah, I can't say I'm 100% there, myself...but what a wonderful state of mind to aspire to Wow I agree.
Wonderful maps everyone!! I finished my map yesterday, I worked on it with my DD. It is a lot smaller and simpler than the map I made last year but I think I have more specific wishes for this year which is good because last year was one of the hardest years of my life so this year the main thing I want is to feel happy and at peace with my life and the direction it is heading.
Wow very cool!
So there is one more day to make the treasure maps correct?! I have a question...I am very torn with what I want this year. I feel like I know deep in my heart what I want the most but I don't know if it will happen. Should I put it anyway even if I am not sure that it has a chance of happening? There is one specific thing I want this year and I don't know if I should focus on mainly that. Is it ok to just have a few things on the treasure map or should it be broader...
Emily I am going through the exact same feelings right now and I am missing my DD's like crazy today. It is so hard. I try to keep busy but my mind keeps going to them. It is rough.
Just wanted to give you a hug I am currently going through a divorce and it is very tough.
I sent you a pm.
I just wanted to give you a hug. I am 5 weeks out from splitting and some days feel just as hard and emotional as the first day. There really are so many ups and downs and I guess I never realized how stressful this would be. Even if it is the best decision for everyone involved it is still very tough to go through. I hope that it gets easier for both of us...
Does anyone have any experience or knowledge with ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution),which I guess is just basically mediation? The judge that is overseeing my divorce case just ordered it and I am not sure exactly what it entails. Any info would be great! I am thinking it is just a last resort to get custody/other issues solved before having to go to court?
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