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Hi! Hope it is okay if I join! My name is Liz, I am 23 and mama to a gorgeous 14 month old baby girl named Audrey Rose...I got preggo with her when I was 21. I am also a military (Army) wife...currently DH and I are ttc #2...I am super excited and can't wait to have another baby! I LOVE being a young mom, it is so much fun and I just adore being at home with my little one!
I was just curious about something...to start off DH and I are ttc #2 right now...I am really hoping to get preggo soon. DD was born 3 months early and due to a lot of issues I was only able to pump/nurse her for 3 months. I absolutely loved it and miss it terribly. With our next little one I def. plan on bfing...I am not sure how long, my first goal is to go at least a year and then see where it goes from there. CLW is something I am considering and I thought that DH...
Thanks so much for the advice!!!
I was just curious how many of you nurse in public and if so how do people respond to you?! It seems like in our society (at least where I am from) if you nurse a child past the age of 1 it is unacceptable to nurse in public. I just wanted to know how you all deal with this? With my next child I want to try CLW but have been curious about nursing in public. Any advice would be great! Thanks!
I am so excited! DH and I talked over the weekend and decided that we are going to ttc this month. I am going to get my IUD removed soon and then we are going to start trying...and DH said he is in favor of child led weaning!!!
Wow I think it is so wonderful that all of you are doing child-led weaning, I think that is great. I wanted to nurse my DD for at least a year but due to her being born 12 weeks early and issues with her in the NICU and my milk supply I was only able to nurse her for 3 months, although I continued to recreationally bf her (bfing without milk) until she was about 10 months old. With my next baby (and any there after) I plan to nurse for at least a year and would love to...
Congrats, that is awesome!
I burp around DH but not fart, I am very private with that...I think it is embarrassing to fart around other people! DH unfortunately does not share my embarrassment and is constantly farting around me, it grosses me out!
Yay it came yesterday! It is so gorgeous! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v4...1/d573550f.jpg
I think that this is a great forum. All of my mommy friends breastfeed and I just feel lonely and left out sometimes. It is tough. My dd was born @ 28 weeks. I have to have an emergency c-section because of severe preeclampsia. She was in the NICU for 9 weeks. During that time I pumped and brought the milk in to the NICU. When she was about 35 weeks gestational age I started trying to breastfeed her. It went okay but because she was so small she still had to have...
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