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I have 2 of them and think they are just the cutest things ever!! They work okay for day time but I would never use them at night or for naps. They are adorable but I don't think that I would buy any more.
Huggies Natural wipes are the only ones that I use! They are great. I have been using them since my DD was born. They are very gentle on her sensitive skin...I have never had any problems with them!
Quote: Originally Posted by B-baby80 Definately MUTT's They are the bulk of our stash.Along with a few stray this and thats!! Wow you have a lot of Mutts! I only have a few as they are kinda spendy...do you buy all of yours brand new?
Hmm that is really weird. I don't know why someone would waste money on listing something dumb like that...
My Fave one size dipes are SOS diapers, Muttaqins, and wonderoos.
BTW this is random but that is so weird about your user name. That is my nickname. One of my best friends calls me Lizabear!
Wow, that is wonderful that he is so helpful!
Those spacebags sound like a good idea! I am moving in a month or so to Germany...my husband is at an Army base there. I was wondering how I would bring my stash of dipes and all of my daughter's clothes. I never thought of using anything like that, it seems like something I should check into. Does anyone know if the baggage limit (2 bags per person for check in and 2 per person for carry on) applies for overseas travel? I was hoping that maybe we would be allowed to...
I have never spent $100+ for just one diaper. I mean they are gorgeous diapers but if I spent that kind of money on one I would never want to use it! I would just put it in a trophy case or something! I have spent close to that though. The most I have ever spent on a diaper is about $50 and the most I have ever spend on a cover is about $75...I do buy a lot of diapers off ebay and quite a bit of my stash is brand new. I have to admit though that I have bought my fair...
Wow, that is a really good deal! I need to get a new diaper bag.
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