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Quote: Originally Posted by ChrisR I wasn't BF. same here.
BTW my phone anxiety is so bad that my husband automatically knows that if he is home he does all ordering if we are getting delivery or take out. I pretty much refuse to do it. I know he thinks it is really weird but I just can't explain it...I just hate the phone. I never understood people who love to talk on the phone, I have always hated talking on the phone even to friends! Lol.
It is so nice to read this and know I am not a freak! Lol. I have struggled with phone and social anxiety my whole life. Sometimes if I have to make a call I get this sick feeling in my stomach. I have even had to resort to writing a "script" so I don't forget what I am going to say and/or writing down personal info (i.e. phone number, address etc) so that if I get flustered I don't blank and forget those things and then feel like an idiot.
My relationship with my mother is very strained. We have never gotten along well or been very close. We are very different people. I am really laid back, reserved, soft spoken and hate conflict. My mom is very blunt and direct, and can be very controling. I have struggled for a long time with her and have wondered at many points in my life if I should continue my relationship with her. My problem is that I know she loves me but it is just very hard to be around her...
Wow congrats! What an amazing labor and birth story! I am in awe!
That song is beautiful. I am sitting here and bawling listening to it. I am having such a hard time right now and that song just opened the flood gates. It is good though to be able to let everything out. Thank you.
It is so nice for me to hear that other people are going through the same thing as me. I have been married for 3 years but we have been together for 6 and friends for 8 years. We have two kids together and it is just so hard for me to let go and realize I am better off without him. Our divorce should hopefully be closing this week and although that will be a relief I am having a hard time realizing it is over. Like you my soon to be ex was not a great husband or father...
Quote: Originally Posted by Gaea The best is yet to come, right?? I sure hope so!
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