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I have 5 sons and always had oversupply issues. First two colicky, third a projectile vomiter from too much milk. When he was 3 months I figured out how to regulate it, ie nursing on my back 3-4x a day to cause back pressure on the ducts. Fourth and fifth just got incredibly plump fast, starting with back nursing at birth. I also lost a baby (#6) at 21 weeks and got tons of milk. They told me that was very rare so they had not prepared me for it- ouch, my first real...
My sons also went naked at home as toddlers and were done with diapers relatively early. I did want to say that it is important for us to recognize that no matter what a woman, child or man is wearing or not wearing that never excuses sexual assault! So thank you posters who pointed that out.
I have a radar antenna out for pervs as I was molested myself on multiple occasions. I just know that look. I once had a guy licking his lips at me while I breastfed my son on the bus! It seems to me that people getting off on your kid even if the kid may not fully understand what is happening can have a negative impact on their psyche. They are so sensitive to people's vibes. My child often would shy away from people I thought they shouldn't and later realize they were on...
Motherease pull ups always worked for us, don't have the largewst sizes though- I had 4 who peed until 8 argh! Last one has been dry at night since 2 go figure! I found larger covers through In Our Forrest but they leaked-sorry. Best of Luck
My son only had these before he was diagnosed with celiac disease, once we eliminated all gluten they were gone forever. he still sleep walked for along time though. there is a blood test for that now, 1/133 americans have it , most are undiagnosed. Just a possibility.
The other day I saw a just walking toddler girl at the park wearing a t-shirt that grazed her behind and tights turned into leggings and nothing on her bottom. I assumed the parents were using EC. However there also was a guy without a kiddo who gave me the creeps watching her every move. The parents seemed oblivious. Since I really enjoyed seeing my five sons in (frequently changed cloth) diapers this was never an issue for me when they were that young, but I'd like to...
As some one about to begin the foster parent journey I loved reading this. I will not be keeping any... I am hoping that attachment parenting will gives these little ones a good foundation.
I was posting on the fitness board about this very issue. Not a problem with my first 3 kids but have retained weight with my last two. Still don't understand the reason. You have my sympathy!
We are about to start their latin this August. We've liked their spanish, the retention of words has been very high.
Often the sugar I consumed came with a lot of fat- ice cream/chocolate etc.. What I'm noticing now is how much other stuff has sugar. I got some Alpsnacks for my kids and they have some kind of sugar, so did the organic toaster waffles they had (with yogurt on them). So do a lot of condiments.
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