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both our kids showed signs , we just let them do the naked thing , we had potty chair, talked about it, they saw us go all the time, didnt push it. My dd trained at 20 months and ds at 22 months.The 20 month one was small and couldnt pull her clothes up and down which is why we did the naked thing.We never spanked them to learn, we did use for one week with both m and ms and stickers. After they got it, the treats stopped. I feel that pushing makes for a big...
that is why we use time ins not time outs. we have a cuddle place where the kids and I go, to calm down and regroup.We teach them how to calm down, then talk about what happened.
it took us a year of really trying and I had my first at 37.But with the second I got af back 8 months pp and was preg at 10 months pp. there is no way of really knowing how long it will or will not take.My mom has a hyter at 28 too but that really has little to do with how long I can convieve. I also have a 25 yo sd who has two kids and my dh is 50, im 41 and we love it !!!
The kids that we hang with in playdates call me momma and my first name. they call my dh pappy and his first name. but then we only hang with ap mammas anyway
maybe not doing the time outs would help as they are punitive.we do have a cuddle place where they do when upset with some stuffed animals.mom and or dad go back with child and stay, and we talk about how to calm down ect.that helps more with us then go your a time out chair.
we have well water so we do pay at all. we also have adump which is free. that makes up for the 100 month elec bill and the heating costs for oil. angel
i have a just turned 4yo and a 2.5 yo. The 2.5 is asleep most nights at 9 or so, the 4 at 930 or 10. They both get up around 8 or 830 or so. neither one naps. they both do fine going places late which is nice as dh works from 7am to 7pm.We just took them to see toby keith friday night and we got home at 11pm. they were fine :}
Quote: premie and still hooked to machines, and a 2 year old. Constantly complaining that the 3mo is "spoiled" bc the parents hold it all the time, so it expects the same when she's there. Doesn't well a........ isnt she paid to do that? and b........ you can tell her the child has 18 plus years to learn to be independant, it doesnt have to be the first few years. they will learn trust me but in their time not ours. if you dont fill the need one...
Quote: maybe it'll help that my dd is a pretty super easy baby; hopefully they'll assume that it's due to my parenting style ( it is!) and try to emulate it. sorry to disagree but if you have a easy baby someone blessed you with that, and they may or may not be an easy toddler/child. it really has less to do with how you parent and more to do with child. now its easier to parent a harder child when you ap i think...... bt I have two very active...
I have a sd who is 25, and has a son 10 weeks younger than ours and a new one. its not like we have one difference with her, its everything. i mean we could shut up about little things ie giving your kids too much juice, pop junk foods ect. but its all of it !!! she dumps her first off with who ever will watch him so she can party, they keep guns in the house, her mom gave her babywise so she hits for everything, she ff, she sahm so she can be with him but doesnt do...
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