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I can really relate to your post. I too struggle with remembering who I used to be before kids and who I am now. How can I mesh these two things? Just hugs.
I find it challenging and overwhelming to keep our home clean and tidy with five of us.   Things I find that works for me: - tidying as you go (e.g., walk into the washroom, pick clothes up off the floor and deposit into laundry room) - sometimes folding one article at a time of laundry (e.g., walking by the basket and seeing a large towel, just grabbing that towel and folding it, putting it away) -- I don't always have the time/energy to stand there and fold two...
How is your plan coming along?
Hi there Mama, I also have Bipolar 2 but it hasn't been identified until more recently. I was depressed through my pregnancy with dd2 and started an antidepressant at that time (Prozac). After weaning from breastfeeding I started taking Wellbutrin as well. During my entire pregnancy with Ds (from conception to birth and breastfeeding) I took both Prozac and Wellbutrin. Now we've added on a little bit of Abilify and I don't know if it is something that can be taken during...
Hugs Mama. I am also a mother with mental health issues and understand the struggle of parenting with them. Like you, after my first child I questioned whether it was a good idea to have more children.Dd1 was so intense and spirited, that I found myself almost completely enveloped by her needs. To be quite honest, I thought it would be good for her--and me--to have a sibling with whom to share some of the spotlight. She would have to learn to share and wait and not have...
Here it is! The Parenting & Rage thread: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/394579/parenting-and-rage  Excellent stuff in there.
Oh yeah there is also a HUGE thread on MDC called Parenting & Rage. TONS of good ideas on that thread. I will try to come back later to look for it and send the link.   One technique I learned was to watch my anger/rage as though I was outside of myself, notice it flare up and die down, and then act. It took an incredible amount of self control when the feelings were REALLY intense, but it saved me from doing something I regretted.
New Posts  All Forums: