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Hello Mamas,   I am joining in to keep in the right headspace - I need to spend less and pay down debt more. That's all I'm gonna say about that for now.   Great work everyone!
How is everyone doing?
Another bipolar mama here (Bipolar 2) I hope you have some good support to help you get through the rough times. As a person who avoided meds for 31 years, things finally got bad enough for me that meds were necessary -- found a pdoc who was willing to work really slowly with me, starting with infant sized doses of meds and slowly titrating up so that side effects were manageable. Of course, deciding whether or not to use meds is a really personal decision. Keep us...
Love this thread. Was raised with weekend cleaning routines but it's somehow lost translation into my life as a parent. I hate the constant clean up of messes that is part of living in our home. I'm sorry, but my family are all a bunch of slobs!!! It's very disheartening, overwhelming, embarrassing and I hate it. Definitely need to declutter more.
New Posts  All Forums: