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Love this thread. Was raised with weekend cleaning routines but it's somehow lost translation into my life as a parent. I hate the constant clean up of messes that is part of living in our home. I'm sorry, but my family are all a bunch of slobs!!! It's very disheartening, overwhelming, embarrassing and I hate it. Definitely need to declutter more.
Great stuff Loveourbabies!   Skycheattraffic congratulations on your new baby!   I was away this weekend and have returned home back to reality.......... I have two baby blankets with sentimental value but don't need them anymore. I don't really want to get rid of them... but I don't need them. Suggestions?  
Plus 3 pairs of shoes 2 tops 1 book   66/2013  
1 exersaucer sold at Once Upon a Child today   I have a big black garbage bag of stuff...so far about 13 items in it   60/2013  
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