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Please find a copy of Playful Parenting by Larry Cohen and read the chapter about the Love Gun. It really helped when my DSs were little and obsessed with guns. I'd paraphrase but it's been so long, but I think you'll find it very helpful (and, indeed, the whole book!) 
For the first time, I found a doctor who tested more than just the TSH, which has always come back normal. I have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism, including being constantly exhausted and being unable to lose weight, no matter what I do. Here are my results- I notice the free T4 is low, but I have no idea what that means!   TSH 2.79 uIU/ml0.34-4.82   Free T4 0.47 ng/dl0.51-1.20   T3 Total 127 ng/d160-181   Thanks,   Lucy  
I agree with Linda, you need to get a real evaluation done. My son (8) has Asperger Syndrome, and some of your son's behaviours sound familiar, whilst others sound like a typical contrary 5yr old! I know it is tough, but please don't blame yourself for any of this. I spent too many years doing that. BTW, I don't think Asperger can be diagnosed before the age of 7, but a non-specific Autism spectrum syndrome certainly can.
The best lipbalms for me are Dr Bronner's and Sun Dog's Magic Balms. There are actually for dry/chapped skin or tattoos, but I use them for my lips (or when my legs get dry) and they are perfect. I especially love the peppermint one. I am a lip balm junkie and this is my new number one favourite, better even than the wonderful Dr Hauschka balm. It's chock full of organic oils, and the best part is it is REALLY cheap. You can get it at health food stores for about $3. ...
they often have 40% specials as well, which is a great time to stock up. Look now as they have a ton of natural choices for Feb. The code to use at checkout is FBCLEVNT. Probably too late for you now, but good to know. Saves me a ton.
Quote: Originally Posted by onlyboys I am embarassed and shouldn't judge them, yet I do. But it's not nice of me. errrr, you mean embarrassed, right? Just teasing you
Quote: Originally Posted by sweetmomma yes i'm ineterested in offers that i don't have to send anything back, also any ideas on how to get referrals? i don't have any question on the bingo and casino offers, what if i have never gambled before? should i stay away from them? I don't have any referrals either, but you can still get pretty good money without them. About the bingo, just be aware that if you open a Neteller account to do it,...
well I didn't use the postage, so maybe that is why it was easy?
Quote: Originally Posted by rubelin Hey, just sign up for the free trial of Stamps.com and print out a whole bunch of postage Though they seem to be really hard to cancel the trial, it is a good service; I use it for my business you had trouble cancelling? I cancelled yesterday and it was super easy; they didn't even ask why I ws cancelling. I had a story all ready.. mine are always novels.. lol.
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