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Quote: Originally Posted by PatchyMama I don't have an opinion either way about the inserts, but I just read something on diaper swappers that applied to this. The license fee for pocket diapers has been dropped considerably... the post I read said it was $50/yr for level 1 and 500/yr for level 2 (level 2 is for those WAHMs who make more than $10,000 a month in pocket diaper sales). Second that the no aplix rule only applies to level 2. WAHMs in level...
I personally prefer the velour 3inclothdiapers, I would expect to pay about $20 for a bamboo fitted, the fabric is so hard to aquire I know that www.babyoftheworld.com had some bamboo terry front snap or aplix. I have not visited there in a while but that is where I had my first bamboo experience, it was love at first wash
*swoon* We LOVE our bamboo! So soft, so trim, and so absorbant. My 2 cents....our bamboo is 10 times better than hemp, without the stink and extra cushy! I just made Bella some yummy bamboo velour side aplix aio's that are to DIE for
I have to add Margarita we LOVE our swaddlebees! Having you post feels like a celebrity saying hi We love our swaddlebees
I would LOVE to get someone like Angelina Jolie hooked on cloth! Could you imagine the stash that woman could create And she is hip, trendy, and environmentally minded. I agree with the fact that the cd makers just do not have the funds to advertise in those national parenting magazines therefore it really does those mags very little good to cover how awsome (and sometimes expensive lol) cloth diapers are. I can guarantee I have spent more on cloth for dd #3 than...
I am not sure if this is his problem but when my dd got exposed to hand foot and mouth she only showed blisters on her diaper area....she was exposed 3 times (must have been different strains) and all 3 times she got the blisters only in her diaper area. The ped diagnosed it every time as hmf.
Usually plain old water on a wash cloth and plain old lanolin the few times she has been rashy
I prefer baby shampoo and pure lanolin
Out of all of the "fabric" covers I prefer loveybums. Have you tried knit? I love our knit soakers/longies/rompers
I would cruise around hyenacart
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