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We had to much gaping and trouble with fuzzy bunz and wonderoos, we tried swaddlebees and they have worked awsome for us. I really prefer fitteds and wool but for a pocket *I* think swaddlebees have the best fit
I will have to tryt hat idea as my yougest gets older
Lanolin and conditioner! My wool that started out not so soft gets double the lanolin on it
That is cute! I have a bottombumpers keychain I love Great way to advocate
I use 1 cloth wipe for every 3 disposables that I used to use If it does not shake off it gets thrown in with the diapers. I have yet to find poop in my wash.
My girls have all done this You just have to have everything ready and try to distract them as much as possible
With tiny embroidered A B C with super cute animals to match.
That is just nasty :Puke
If it doesn't roll off of the dipe I just throw it in the wash. My dipes have always come out clean
What adorable girls!
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