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Would you momma's mind doing me a favor? I need to update my patterns on a few things and I would love to be able to get some new measurements for babies of all ages and sizes. These are things measurements I would like: Age: Weight: Waist (without dipe): Waist (with dipe): Thighs: Inseam (crotch to floor): Height: Rise: Thanks for your time! :
I have been working on something similar lately lol. Great minds must think alike. Although mine were aimed at the "kindergarten" age bracket since my 6 year old was having alot of trouble "making it" in from recess without a little piddle. My mother suggested buying her some panty liner but I thought, hmmm I can make that lol. I had planned on putting them in my store when I get them up and going just to see how they sell. I think if I make some with a couple more...
Can someone give me some other names of shops such as this. I am really interested in this option and would like to check out a few more before I would commit to one. Thanks
Try regular dawn dishsoap! Just a squirt works for me every time! Don't give up mama. My hard water doesn't have a chance against Dawn lol.
Are you talking about microfiber, as in the towels at Walmart and Sams? If so I use 2 layers of microfiber towel between 2 layers of flannel and it works great. I know I am a newbie but when I make my soakers for my diapers these are less bulky and absorb more than any other diaper that I have.
Quote: Originally Posted by our3boys Do you need to supply this information to someone else? B/C if you do, I would like to have both stretched and unstretched measurements so I could see my range. I'm not sure if that would work exactly for the rise, though. Yes the measurments would be to let people know what size they would need to order for their dc. I have checked a bunch of web sites and a bunch of them offer measurements instead of...
BTW, if it matters these are fitted diapers. Thanks again Nicole
How do you figure measurments for diapers? I ask becuase I am trying to figure out sizes for the dipes that I am making. For example: before I put elastic in my diapers are approx rise 15, back 14, crotch 7, and front 8 but if I measure after I put in the elastic my figures are way different. So do I measure before or after elastic. This may seem like a stupid question : but it would really help me out. Thanks Nicole
I am really new here and have only been lurking for a short time. If anyone would like me to test thier stuff I would be more than happy to. I have a 8 week old that I have cloth diapered since birth. Let me know and if it is not couth I appologize.
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