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Thank goodness, someone put me out of my mysery and bought it!!!!! Dh would have killed me if I bought another one since I only leave the house about 1 time a month : when I would need a bag.
If I had not just bought one of her bags I would be all over this: http://www.lilypadlanding.com/product.php?VP=564#564 Man that mama can draw! And purple is soooo Bella's color!
I would buy more Bamboo dipes from www.babyoftheworld.com ! So so nice!
Quote: Originally Posted by Butterflymom http://hippieclothes.com/item.php?id=340&t=itemv I like this one too! I love the Bluegrass Moon ones also, but I've just been branching off hyenacart lately and amazed that there are also other very talented ladies making cool bags! Awesome! A little birdy told me she is stocking at Lily Pad Landing http://www.lilypadlanding.com/store.php?SS=18 I can't wait to see what she puts up...
This one is mine http://hyenacart.com/prod_details.php?id=91534&vid=128 This mama is awsome! I love the bag and get complements on it all of the time!
I am in with Baby of the World Bamboo fitteds- http://www.babyoftheworld.com/catalo...Fcategory%3D37 . Silky soft! I think I cleaned her out of her smalls today though : Just checked, looks like she put more up
That pic of your little man in the hat made me weak. All of those curls! He is adorable!
Quote: Originally Posted by My3babes I happen to think that www.bluegrassmoon.com is one of the next big things!! Her appliques/embroidery is divine!!! I agree! I have one of her bags! It just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am waiting on one from Baby of The World! I can't wait to "pet" it lol.
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