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Linky? I am so bad remembering the initials for everyone :
I 2nd 3rd or 4th that lol
The pattern is one I made! I am working on a pullover snapcrotch when I am not doing other stuff
I love looking at all of the cutie pies! No longie pics right now but here is Bella in her Romper knit by me Here Fresh out of the tub and ready for bed.
Bella is wearing her Cuddle-Me romper with a firefly diaper underneath. After a bit I am going to change her into a elephant embroidered HH and some stripey longies. Since it is so cold today I may just change her dipe and leave her in the romper
Just wanted to FYI everyone! Bella and I are now home from the hospital. Thanks for all of the nice pm's mama's! Nicole
Thank you so much Lisa! I am only able to access the internet on occasion but wanted to thank you for posting this for me. We are still in the hospitol and Bella is still not gaining any wieght. We are working on my milk supply right now since she will not take a bottle. As soon as I am able to get home I will get to all of my orders and let you know how much longer they will take. If you do not want to wait I have no problem returning your money and yarn! Please...
*Huge sigh of relief* Oh thank goodness someone bought it! I know I can knit but my poor Bella only has 2nd's of mine since I don't have time to knit for her!
I will not buy.......I will not buy......I will not buy......
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