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I cannot buy....I cannot buy.....I cannot buy....... Beautiful. *Clutching on to the wagon for dear life!*
Quote: Originally Posted by Spark Lilangels... four weeks wow! My other two were before their EDDs... so this is new territory for me. But, really I don't find it that bad. Maybe in another two weeks though! So, how big was your 10 month baby? And, were you CDing then? Hailey was only 7lbs 8 oz so I am certain that the dd was waaaaaaay off with her! I wish I had known about cd's then. I was still part of the unenlightened back then! ...
Spark, my dr let me go 4 weeks (possibly wrong due date) with my first before he induced labor! I would not wish that on my worst enemy! Go for a long car ride in an old car on a railroad track! And this is diapering related right, she can't use all of that awsome fluff until she has a newborn bum to decorate!
I missed the editing?
One talented mama!
Kinda what I thought!
You have awsome taste mama! I need to go wash the drool off of my chin now.
Quote: Originally Posted by goodcents I think the purple romper looks like Tinky Winky. Or one of those guys.....
Signing up for hyenacart is not hard at all! It only takes a couple of minutes. I just stocked some rompers!
Quote: Originally Posted by 3 Little Monkeys Happy Heiny's trainers size x-lg fits 50-60 pounds, xx-lg fits 60+. They are pull on style hth I am checking these out for my older dd's for overnight, can you tell me do these come with the inserts? How are they for overnight? I need a little more info, also do you carry the xx-large? Thanks
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