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Yep, I agree! I lurked on this board forever before I even joined. Once the split was made I went elsewhere. The fun is gone here. The "warm fuzzies" have left. I will come back on occasion to read through a few posts but it really just is not the same. Segregate the hyena's and the whole thing comes crashing down.
Yep if you don't pay you are not listed . Sorry mama.
Yep I was there and then I waited 6 years asnd had another!
If you have the body and one leg the same you need to pay attention to what color you started the first leg with and start the 2nd with the same. I am typing while nursing, not being short lol.
When I prep my wool I wash it and lanolize at the same time. What are you using to lanolize? If you are using a spray it may not be absorbing into the fibers. Other than that you may need a thicker diaper underneath.
Quote: Originally Posted by art4babies Hi Nicole! One thing I noticed right away is that everything is a little too big for my 17" monitor. I don't much care for scrolling right, and I think main picture is best when it fits in the monitor and you don't have to scroll to view it all (this creates some "edge tension"). Cute picture, BTW - adorable baby! Amy I haven't been able to figure out how to decrease the size of the screen. It is...
Dh told me no more money until I make some money so I found a place that I could put up a free website. It is still under construction but if you mama's could tell me what else I need I would appreciate it. Also if anyone wants to share links . What links do you have on your pages? I am so overwelmed right now Thanks Nicole umm, duh the link might help lol http://www.cuddle-me.freeservers.com/index.html
Quote: Originally Posted by QueenSheba'sMom : Wondering this myself
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