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Okay even funnier, I am a CBE and doula also! We have similar paths!  Love the story!
I must say I am a big fan of the name, our daughter is Juniper Pearl!  Congrats!
Okay. so this pregnancy was considered failing due to decreasing hormones, subchorionic hemorrhage, and lessoned symptoms.  Well here we are at 14 weeks.  We have had the stomach flu at our house and now I am still sick at almost three days out.  I felt better this morning and ate a normal lunch. After that I started having the most intense pain I have ever had-This is saying something considering this is baby #7 (5 natural births-3 @ home thus far). I am thinking maybe...
Just to update.  I have continued to not hear anything on the doppler and my midwife recommended checking to see if my hcg levels were dropping.  We did and they went down by almost a 1/3. My progesterone is also falling. So that combined with not hearing heartones-after hearing them on the doppler-makes me a prime candidate for a miscarriage. I have lost most of my pregnancy symptoms and just feel like it is done. Thanks for the response!
Background info-10th pregnancy 6 living children, 3 first trimester losses.  I am 10 weeks 5 days today.  At 9 weeks I was diagnosed with a subchorionic hemorrhage, baby was okay the hemorrhage was small and heartrate was 169.  My HCG was high, 115K, but did not rise in the 48 hour mark at 8 weeks. No vaginal bleeding, etc. At 10 weeks I heard the baby's heartbeat on the doppler and it was 154. Last night I checked again-I borrowed a doppler from a friend- and it was 94....
My sister is expecting in May-super early still.  She had a cesarean 9 yrs ago after carrying her son head down for 40+ weeks.  She had an epidural, he was posterior and not well positioned. I am a doula and childbirth educator, I know how important it is to hear positive stories!!!  I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies has dealt with this?  She got pregnant without any fertility help, she did have a miscarriage with her first pregnancy, and a miscarriage in...
Hey lovely Mothering ladies, I am a doula, childbirth educator and aspiring midwife(when I grow up!) and my two beautiful sisters are both pregnant--due 2 weeks apart. Here is my dilemma.. My older sister (35) has a septum in her uterus.  She has carried a singleton-cephalic presentation to 40+ weeks-spontaneous labor-epidural-op-cesarean for 'failure to progress'. This was 9 years ago. She has had fertility issues-one miscarriage last year and is newly pregnant...
I get that.  I usually take people with due dates that are the same day and have better luck of avoiding them laboring at the same time, they usually go a week apart.  Anyone else have any input on the timing of dates? I also have great back up, there are 2-3 other doulas who I use on a regular basis.  Unfortunately I am the only one who lives in the city in a rural state where winter means weather!
Well I am glad to know that at least I am not alone!! I agree that I mean to take 2-3 but end up running my butt off for one month doing 5-6 births then doing nothing the next month.  I have been hearing of midwives who take 4-6 births per month in a solo practice and I am wondering how they do it!! I just do labor support, not extensive prenatals!!! Thanks for the feed back!  
sorry apparently instead of just quoting the previous poster, I totally rewrote her quote, sorry for misquoting you!!
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