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Umm. It took me forever to get this. Then I realized in other states you have to go inside to pay cash. Here it is illegal to pump your own gas so it is always pay at the pump-to the guy pumping your gas!
Yes...irl. I am very friendly. Like genuinely friendly. Which for some reason is often taken as flirting. So I tend to hold back on the friendliness in many situations.
You are in NJ. The NJ subrubrs are curently over run by turkeys. They are EVERYWHERE! I sometimes ee 4-50 at a time. I read today they all are related to 23 turkeys reintroduced in the wild in the late 70's. One day 7 turkeys came running to the door of my work!
Sickening! Why are some schools like this? I took both my kids out for a day so DD could be on a TV show (in the 4th grade) and the school responded by giving her no homework because she was so excited. Talk about different philosophies!
I posted on a few threads about this a while back. First, the media got a hold of it by a press release for "National Infectious Disease Prevention Week". At teh same time the ypublicized a stor yabot ua kid dying from it. Parents began freakign otu. Many kids were tested but had no symptoms. Hello?!?! Just cause you show you are carrying it does not mean you are ill. Parents began reporting all cases to the SCHOOLS who passed it on to the media. There is a vax...
It's probably just the wax ring. About $3 to buy and 2 people can fix in minutes, one to hold the toilet, one to put the new ring on.
Well, I forgot to add that my house was once searched due to a supposed 911 call! Our phone lines were crossed and we were haivng many problems with the phone. We came home to neighbors telling us the house was searched, etc. Cops said 911 was called but neighbors thankfully vouched that we had not been there for hours, but left the door unlocked, so they came in. I called to verify this and the police confirmed. We woulda never known otherwise!
I believe that is illegal. They said YOUR kid had it when she didn't, apparently said to others kid isn't vaxed, and kicked you out illegally. Leave but sue them for lost wages...
Quote: My favorite 911 caller was a little old lady with dementia. She would call at 4:00 A.M. every single morning. She said there were blue lights out in her field that would fly into her room and scan her every morning. Poor little old lady. My grampa called 911 when he had dementia (he passed away a few years ago). He was bored and thought tio be funny to say he had hostages, etc. Grandma had no clue he was on the phone and in the kitchen cooking....
I am hearing about so many tv's broken due to Wii's..and my Mom got DS one for Christmas... Uh oh.
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