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Thanks Gitti! I will check them now! Quote: I do know that those with egg allergies should not receive the flu shot. Yes, my Mom knows this. She feels very educated for knowing it too.
I have been looking for a new one. A few years back there was a great printable pamphlet online. But the site was gone when I checked last year. It was great, with reputable sources, etc.
As I said-I am an old timer here (took a break, changed name) and consider myself fairly well educated. BUT, I am extra concerend about her this time and something from an offical site or Doctor may wake her up and at least get her to wait-kwim?
DH did something similar last year when the kids kept eating junk and leaving it all over the house (some chewed). Karma is a you know what? He put candy directly in the garbage can, lots of peanuts stuff. The squirrels PARTIED! For months they'd be at my front door when we opened it and more. We never hada squirrel issue prior, but after that, we were the house to be for all things squirrel!
Giving this one more bump... She is going tomorrow...
Quote: I remember the year I begged begged begged for a roller way party. Ahh, ice cream, pizza, cake, smelly skates and bad late 80's music. Skating parties are still hot! Ds has been invited to a few! And the skates are still the same from when I was a kid...I am not kidding.
Most of my kids parties have been cake, pizza, and pinatas. Now they are in my Mom's yard or the park as we don't really have a yard to have it in. Kids seem to love the freedom and LESS structure than the big tightly timed parties too. Albeit this year we sorta "rented" a park cause DS begged for a pool party. We had the place ofr 7 or 8 yours! We have no pool, but there is a very old special park you can "rent". It has 2 pools a carousel and other very old swings,...
:bump Gitti? Anyone?
Hence why "Beaver College" changed its name to :Arcadia University" once the internet took off. Kids couldn't access their site from HS or public computers. Have people even used that term since 1960? I guess on the internet!
I am not feeling well right now (MRSA) so I need some help in finding this information! My Mom is going to the handy dandy flu shot clinic on Saturday. She is allergic to metal (thimerasol anyone?!?!), been taking antibiotics for something not officially diagnosed (probably MRSA-connection anyone ) and the doctor she saw for it last week (large infected lump) gave her a tetanus shot-which I am sure was the combo shot. : It has been a while since I went through my vax...
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