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Expect your period tomorrow! This has happened to me a few times over the years. Once ibrokedown to the ladies I was working wit hand IMHO it wasn ot a crying matter. The next day Aunt Flo came to visit. If you want to say something, say you were hormonal, it happens, and you are embarrassed.
Well, when Halloween has fallen on a Sunday some towns switched it to Saturday growing up. The logic behind that baffles me. Mine never did. We didn't mind b/c it meant 2 days of trick or treating!
What they said. Sadly, I have watched them more than once in the river nearby.
Honestly, with that history, do what you did with the courts and move on. Lesson learned. You may be their easiest angry debt collector to target! All my kids past providers required payment at the beginning of the week, for their own protection. Do this from now on. Require money orders if a check bounces (from that point on, from that parent). If late payments becoem frequent, add an extra $5 and in money order form. DD went to a church daycare for a bit that...
I had seen alot when I lived in NYC! Albeit Greyhound busses have had the nastiest, scariest characters I have EVER MET! And those are long rides so there is no getting off! Funny: Train pulls up at stop at you hear "Welcome, you are now in HELL!" It was obviously a prank (kid got into conductor box). Cops went nuts. We laughed. Scary: Lost my job. A week or so later was downtown around the time I would be waiting for my train on 125th back to the Bronx. It was going...
Yes. I had it some time ago and immediately got these catalogs written to my name as I only wrote in on my mothering sub. card. Only NFL type stuff that comes to me is addressed to this name... Coincidence? NO!
Never ehard of a carnival BUT publicand Catholci schools here have Halloween Parties and costume parades on Halloween. My town has an event on 10/30 (Misheif night in these parts) all free with simple games, movies, and a haunted hayride through a wooded area. When I was young towns tried halloween night activities but they bombed, trick or treating ruled!
Cool...but not scary!
Old bills are easier to counterfeit b/c they do not have the security features new bills have. Years ago I was passed several fake $20 bills at work. They were crisp and dated 1932! I read dates out of personal habit. I got excited and then got a clue. We soon learned there was a major fake $1 and $5 ring going on where I was living. Makes sense as noone checks them!
I work for a family owned and run company. I work with several 20yo who make enough to own houses and expensive cars. I work in an office and make less than prior jobs. The most I ever made was at a conveneience store. It is very frustrating seeing people in college or just out driving BMW's and getting ne decks while I have to get food stamps and work. The market is all about WHO YOU KNOW. Ofcourse I work here b/c it is near home and has the hours I need. For now it...
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