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I have known alot of people whose kids went away to the families on the farms or suburbs. I knew one host family. They all loved it. if I still lived in my old neighborhood my kids would be eligible but I wouldn't send them to a family I have never met-with out me.
You don't want my honest answer to that question... I just hope DH calls soon.
I got naked with some MDC Mamas. You?
A few eeks ago (about 3) the news came out with the surge in teh flu outbreaks and hospitals being full, normal BS! Of course, my Mom who catches anything through the suggestion of the media or a Doctor-was suddenly terribly ill. I assume it was maybe a cold. As usual she ran to the Doctor who declared her deathly ill from the flu and gave her ZITHROMAX (an antibiotic) JUST IN CASE! This is what he (and most Docs I know )always do. I explained to her if it is the flu...
: : Hooray! And it did involve her husband and not someone else right? Just making sure... Congrats!
I have Verizon too-with my pakage we are down to $24.99 for DSL!! A month! CALL VERIZON and get a better offer from them! And if you call now as an exisiting or new customer they will send you a new modem/wireless router in one FOR FREE! We bought one and called for a tech. question and the yoffered this so we returned the one we bought-the verizon freebie is wayyy better!
I already got mine! lol And they gave me a HUGE cup instead wayyy more than offered on the coupon!
Got to this site-it is all about vaccines and ABT!!!! It is from a Catholic/Christian perspectiive... www.cogforlife.org
I vaxed DD til age 4 and I know her DOC is massively provax. (She no longer goes there.) THe issue will come up at "booster" time soon-argh-with her new Doctor. With DS his first Doc didn't flinch at the "delaying" view I gave him. But as 1 year old approached he said we needed to make a schedule. I never took DS back. The Doc DS goes to now was recommended asa "anti vax" Doc-that was BS! He will nto turn you away if antivax-that is it! And I had asked this ahead of...
PLEASE TAKE THEM TO MY OLD CHIRO! PLEASE! He told me to never come back in. My kids were not too bad but one time SOMEONE else spilled water (from the cooler) and he (the chiro) fliipwed out. It's a long horrid story (I mean so bad I shoulda reported him, I had long realized the man HATED ME!!) So could you all bring your jkids to him at the same time?
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