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I prefer to knit. I just think the look of the finished item looks better and it seems more versatile. I can crochet, albeit poorly, but it seems so dated looking to me.   
I know a ton of people who have purchased the brother 1034 for under $250 which is a really great price for a serger. They've all been really happy with this serger and apparently it's very easy to thread which always a big plus. You might check patternreview.com too for recommendation
Don't feel pressured to sign anything. My soon to be ex was rushing me. I insisted that we do things in a way that allowed us both to have proper representation as well as not cheat my children out of what they were entitled to. If you can go through your state's CS office do so. It's a really good thing and the cost is nominal.
I bought my dd a brother machine similar to the one you posted and it's been great. She's only 5 and it's super simple to use. I highly recommend it. I've owned several brother machine, both low and high end and have always been highly satisfied. 
What type of sewing do you want to do. Are you limiting yourself to just garment or do you think you want to quilt or even do embroidery in the future. Do you think you will like sewing? What features are important to you? I'm going to recommend you find the best used machine you can afford. Get a pre 1980's all metal machine. Learn the basics. Initally you only need a machine that does straight stitching and zigzag (and you could get by without the zz). Ask around, post...
I agree w/the pp . I've never gone into a thrift store where I didn't see at least one bread machine for sale. I have an oster which I love and I think the other one is toast master or some such thing. We're a good size family so when I make pizza dough or bread I like to do 2 at a time. I think I paid maybe $6 for my bread machines. They work fantastic. When they wear out I'll just headback to the thrift store for another one. From what I read online if you find one that...
did you do a search in this forum? I only ask because I see you've had quite a few views with no response. Your question gets asked about once a month and I think if you search you'll find quite a bit of info. Good luck machine shopping. Quote: Originally Posted by calendula Hello, I am a beginning sewer and my in-laws are buying me a sewing machine for my birthday. So yah! But where to begin? What brand? What to avoid? Looking for easy...
Looks awesome!
Join sewingmamas.com. Get yourself a good sewing manual like Vogue sewing and simple pattern and get stitching. You'll make mistakes, but you will learn.
This thread is for me. I'm desperately striving for this. We have a smallish house, 6 people and a ton of stuff. Our biggest pitfall is clothes and toys. I sew and thrift shop. I make a ton of clothes for my kids, because sewing is my hobby and I have to have something to sew, lol. I just recently started to quilt, but I don't like it as much as garment sewing. I also love a bargain. I'm working on it. We're also trying to purge about half the toys. It's getting better,...
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