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Quote: Originally Posted by Smokering I write down ideas on a list. With a pen. So far mine has dozens of projects, from "Make more Christmas gift bags" to "finish DD's quilt" to "Make a corset". I don't think I'll ever be done. I have a craft journal. I write down things I want to make, things I've made. Notes about them, like did I need to add an inch here or if I didn't like it. I also keep a list of gift ideas.
Quote: Originally Posted by abimommy I don't know what some of this stuff means. What is the difference between a "jelly roll," "charm pack," "honey bun," and a "layer cake" It seems like "fat quarter assortments" are much more expensive than "jelly rolls" Is there some sort of standard? I'm no expert so I'm not sure on all of them. You could check a site like "allpeoplequilt" too. But, a jelly roll is 2.5" strips, usually containing...
I've gotten some nice one's from JoAnn's and Hancocks.
Quote: Originally Posted by dentmom I would love to make DD an Easter dress while on maternity leave. I am NOT an experienced seamstress. Anyone have any suggestions? Websites would be great To me there is nothing easier, sweeter and more classic than a simple A line dress. I've made tons for dd. You can find any number of patterns from McCall, Simplicity, Butterrick. Actually Joann's will have Simplicity pattern on sale for $.99 starting...
Quote: Originally Posted by LauraLoo Took my machine in yesterday. It will be ready in a couple of weeks Glad to hear it. Like a pp said, honestly what a sewing machine actually does hasn't really changed since they were invented, bells and whistles are just that. If you have a good solid machine, don't toss it. I have a machine that does tons of stuff, but I often prefer my 1955 Elna to all others.
I started sewing when I was in 8th grade. I started with a simple pattern and learned from there. I have taken some classes, but more for socialization than education. I find that just doing stuff, reading about it, asking question in forums like this has been as helpful as any class I ever took. Regarding machines and your budget. For $100 unless you get a used vintage machine you will be getting just what you paid for "a $100 machine" and depending on your goals and...
I never knit a swatch. I know that I'm a looser knitter so I tend to go one needle size at least. I probably should, but I'm so lazy!
Quote: Originally Posted by CrunchyDoula Do you think it would be very difficult to sew this? I picked it up today, but I'm really not liking the price tag. What do you think? http://www.potterybarnkids.com/produ...ey=dgirls-toys Super easy. Are you wanting a pattern? let me look for you and I'll get back. It's a really straight forward looking square bottom bag.
Quote: Originally Posted by mommaof3boz as a nurse I use it at work so much I don't even think about it anymore. We use it as we walk into a patients room and as we walk out. we have a special one that we use prior to scrubbing in for procedures. don't even wanna know whats in it. its all hospital mandated so what can you do. Same here. I'd rather use the hand sanitizer than think about what I could be transmitting between patients. I mean...
There is a Kwiksew pattern that looks Hannaish. Also I have a Mccall one that is for a woven, but could easily be adapted to knit.
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