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Is counseling an option?
When beginning a new project wash your fabric and press it out. Even if you know how to make something read through the pattern directions. I've sewn for years, but I still like to review the instructions in case there's a key point about assembling the garment that I need to know about.
Quote: Originally Posted by SeekingJoy * keep a magnet next to the machine to catch pins as I pull them out. I can just toss them in the right direction and not actually have to look up to stuff them in a cushion. This is only recommended if your machine isn't computerized. It's not recommended that you use a magnet with a computerized machine, something to do with the computer chip or memory board.
Oh yeah, tipnut...LOVE IT!
There's a bunch of threads that cover this topic since it pops up about once a month, but quickly I think in that price range you best bet is a used vintage machine. Check out Craigslist or a garage sales. Don't spend more than $50 and then take it in to be serviced and you'll be good to go. Look for pre1970's machines in brands like singer, kenmore, viking, elna or bernina for solid workhorses. If you decide on new check out brother or kenmore for good value and good...
I would look at a thrift store. I have both a Breadman and Oster and they are equally great. You can spend a ton on a Zojourishi one but I don't think it's really necessary. I get great results with my 2 cheapo makers. I just had to figure out the crust darkness and then I was good to go.
I do two at a time on two circs! Love it. I tried ML'ing but I just found it too fiddly.
I think both KS and Ottobre have ease that consider cloth diapers well.
Joann's will have a sale on scissors starting Sunday. 50% off. Hancocks has scissors on right now for 50% off
Sometimes I buy it if I find a good deal on it, like at a thrift store or I make it if I can't find a good color match. I have the little dilly to make it, it's not hard. I've been contemplating getting that bias tape maker that Simplicity has.
New Posts  All Forums: