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link? Is this just a regular poncho or something different?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mihelinka Ok so i signed up to bring in the party favors for my sons kindergarten class , they have a monthly birthday party for all the kids who have birthdays during the month. I don't want to buy any plastic junk from the dollar store (you know the stuff your kid usually comes home with) So I need ideas, help. I only have two, maybe three Fabric bookmarks bean bags crayon rolls (a lot of work for 20 kids) don't...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mihelinka Dang I missed it, what a great bag you made love the print Check back. I already have another bag planned for a giveaway.
If you have time and patience I would check thrift stores and Craigslist. I just picked up a mint condition oriental style rug from the thrift store for $20. When I priced a similar quality and style online it was like $900 so I felt I got a great deal.
DD wants to be Cinderella. I found the pattern at the thrift store. I just finished washing the fabric and cutting out the pattern. I need to press and cut out the fabric tonight. I want to get it down early because I've been known to procrastinate and I don't want to be pulling an all nighter. DS wants to be "Ash Ketchum" from Pokemon, it's pretty easy to do that one.
Quote: Originally Posted by leighi123 link? doh! I'm at http://mylilsliceofpie.blogspot.com/
How about when you have $$$ in savings and overdraft protection on your account but they don't transfer the money over to checking & then charge you fees anyways. Nice!
I hope it's ok to post this here. I'm doing a giveaway on my blog for a bag I made. Go enter! Don't you feel lucky?!
Love it!
Yesterday, I was feeling a bit bummed about the size of our home (1700sf/ 6 people) and then I remembered...affordable mortgage. Thank goodness! It's allowed us the flexibility of dh being able to go to grad school and me to still work parttime. I have to admit sometimes it is hard and I wish we had one more room, but not "being house poor" or overly stressed about staying afloat is a blessing that I need to remember from time to time.
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