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My iphone has changed my life. I use home life budget to keep up with that aspect, I use shopshop for my grocery list, I use To do to keep up with things I need to get done. I use the calendar and set reminder alerts. I use Notes to jot down stuff I want to remember. I use Lose it to track my calories and exercise. I could go on and on. It's really some of the best money I've ever spent. I love my iphone!
a good solid workhorse serger is the brother 1034. I think you can get it on Amazon shipped for under $250. It's very popular. I have several friends who have that one and love it. Also the kenmore one that Sears carries is made by Janome and also a good buy.
Quote: Originally Posted by vulturemom Here is a dress that I made for Kat for her Birthday.... I love this pattern! the great thing about it is that it makes size 12 months through size 10. I had a hard time getting a great picture as Kat wouldn't be still for 2 seconds. http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g272/utahandy/014.jpg http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g272/utahandy/011.jpg and the back...
Quote: Originally Posted by HeatherAtHome Thanks for the house love! Ok, I took measurements of each room instead of taking the outside measurements of the the house. I wanted it to be accurate. So, the official square footage of our house is 935 sq feet including the bathroom, not counting stairs or a hallway. On the main floor: We have a large, open kitchen & dining room 10'3"x20'9". A small living room towards the front of the house 9'9"x11. A...
I think color, texture and greenery go a long way in that area. I have paint on my walls, pillows and floor coverings and plants all around. I think art adds a lot to personalize your space too. it doesn't have to be fancy. Get inexpensive frames from the thrift store or garage sales, use spray paint to unify them. You can frame tons of stuff, fabric, scrapbook paper or your child's art work. Some of my favorite pictures are things my kids have done.
That's the primary reason I tend to freecycle. I'd rather not be bothered hauling stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by KailuaMamatoMaya I would look for a local knife sharpener (they do it for restaurants weekly) and get them really sharpened - I'm too scared to use any of the at-home products. I use a local place and it's great. They're quick and cheap. I think like $4/pair. It's so nice to have a sharp pair of shears to work with.
Quote: Originally Posted by rebeccalizzie DS has a pair of patchwork shorts, they were all over the stores this summer. There are also patchy pants--basically a pair of pants with a row of patches down the sides. I really love the look. Yeah. what about either of those. I think it would look super cute.
Quote: Originally Posted by SeekingJoy Wait! I live near you. After growing up with a hoarding grandmother and mother, as an adult I now declutter constantly -- and consequently know great ways to make money off getting rid of most kinds of stuff. I hope this isn't too personal, but would you like help? I live in the area too. I would love to hear some of your ideas.
Quote: Originally Posted by Incubator I found a dozen wool sweaters at a couple of garage sales and have been busy making diaper covers. I also made three fleece covers a couple of nights ago and a skirt and peasant shirt for my little girl. Working on a t-shirt with applique penguin for my boy. LINK Glad to see the thread is back. Just in time too since I only just started sewing again Monday! Perfect timing! Some of my favorite diaper...
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