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Quote: Originally Posted by sedalbj Or, buy them when they are $1 at Joann's, and get a few for the different sizes. That's what I generally do. Trying to trace over tissue paper is too much of a headache to me to bother.
Quote: Originally Posted by BetsyS I've been sewing off and on since high school, and Simplicity frustrates the snot out of me. I recently threw away a pattern and the cut out shirt, because I just.could.not.figure.it.out. It was making me crazy. I have really good luck with McCall's, though. They fit me well, fit my boys well, and the instructions seem logical to me. That's the very reason I love my Reader's Digest Complete sewing...
I do have a couple le creuset ones. Put to be honest the pyrex ones and the silicone ones I got at the thrift store for nearly nothing get used the most.
Quote: Originally Posted by rere Thank you!Funny thing is...when I first came to this thread I thought of your son's room.It's soo sweet and I know you put it together for nothing! Nice score! I use a brush.I was thinking spray paint might be a good idea but I just use whatever left over paint we have from painting the walls.However years ago I used spray paint to paint a lamp and a bunch of frames. Thanks! I've used spray paint to...
Quote: Originally Posted by lifeguard We've given up on putting the car in the garage. At one point I worked hard to plan it all out to get everything in & the car but it just wasn't practical. Yeah, in the winter it kind of sucks to have clean the car off & shovel around it but it really makes more sense for us. We don't have a basement so without using the garage for storage stuff (tools, gardening stuff, camping gear, overflow crafting stuff, etc.)...
I just blogged about mine from yesterday. Ironically I was making a donation http://mylilsliceofpie.blogspot.com/
I've been doing major thrifting lately. I was super excited when I went to drop off a donation the other day and scored a bunch of decor items + a solid wood folding craft table all for $20. Woo Hoo! I'm in the process of repurposing some furniture pieces. Out of curiosity, folks who've done a lot of furniture do you use a roller, brush or spray paint?
I just love this thread. It's helped me some much to read it when I start to feel a bit closed in. It's really helped me to embrace and love our space, small though it is.
Paper towels & freezer bags.
Quote: Originally Posted by cupcakeladybug : I am a newbie when it comes to the sewing world. I did do some in school during home economics, but I forget what I had learned. I would love to begin sewing again. I did make a cloth menstrual pad, but I sewn it by hand. I am itching to try it by the machine. If you know of any simplistic patterns, could you please send them to me? Thank you so much in advance! What would you like to...
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