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Quote: Originally Posted by rainbowmoon am I the only one that thinks this is a needed forum? please post on my thread here if you want one too! http://www.mothering.com/discussions...28#post7771328 Oh I do!
I have to confess my favorite decorating style is "found style" I love thrifting, repurposing and using what I have decorating. I dvr shows like Redesign, Material Girls, Design on a Dime, Decorating Sense and Freestyle becuz they fit my budget and my idea of decorating. I'm not a fancy person and probably never will be. I don't want to have anything that if my child get a sticky hand print on or colors on w/a crayon that I'd be upset about.
Lately, I've been in the "I really like our little place" mode. My mom is visiting and helping me do a few thing around it. And as I look around, it not a bad little adobe. The kids love it, it's a safe neighborhood, we live with in 5 miles of 4 parks, convienent to shopping and the schools are excellent. Sometime I have to admit I get envious of bigger spaces...but as my mom has pointed out some things that make me appreciate what we have...a lovely home.
bumping... This was a good thread
My sweet mother has come for a week to help me declutter big time. I needed someone that could be ruthless and didn't have the attachment to the stuff that I did, yet someone that I wouldn't be too mortified to let into my disaster zone. So far, so good. Round two tomorrow! The main thing seems to be too many clothes and too many toys. Wish me luck! Anyone else doing any spring cleaning/purge.
You should check out craftster.org. There are tons of tuts to make stuff. I'm in the process of making the AB HighStreet messenger bag, but it's probably too big though.
I have a Pfaff and when that happened to me, It was becuz I didn't have it threaded EXACTLY right. I had missed on of the little hooks in the thread path, such a little thing, but my serging was a big ole mess! Hope you figure it out. I'd check my thread path very closely.
I'm going to disagree w/the previous poster. I think they suffered from a loss in status/reputation and crap production for many years, but I think since acquiring other brands and there r&d the quality of their machines have improved. A machine w/ a warranty is a machine w/a warranty. Singer's holding company owns Pfaff, Viking and White. If you would buy one of those you shouldn't hesitate to get a new singer. Now that being said, I think I'd go for a midrange machine...
Assume! Let us know what you get!
I work, have 4 children, am in several civic groups and volunteer about 8 hours a week. What I do is break things into smaller task. I wash all the fabric at once. Then I might cut out or trace several patterns at once. Then I might cut out several projects to work on all at once so that they are ready to go. I plan out what I'm going to sew ahead of time so that I know that I have everything to start and finish the item...buttons, thread, elastic, whatever. I sew from my...
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