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I have an Ellaroo wrap that is a woven wrap. It was really comfortable and I wore a heavy babe who often napped in it, which is why I chose a wrap. I found nursing in a wrap easier than nursing in a sling. I never really got the hang of nursing in a sling. I'd look for a cotton or gauze wrap. Although I loved the Ellaroo it would be to heavy of a fabric for a hot climate. A Mei tai could be a good option too.
That's interesting. Our family physician has told us that the 15-20 minutes in the sun without sunscreen is beneficial ( for vit D most likely) but that it's the long exposure that is problematic.  We don't usually wear sunscreen unless we are out for an extended period. Myself and the ds's are both very fair skinned and although I can develop a nice tan if I take it slow. However since we live somewhere in such a high altitude we're more prone to burns.   Dh doesn't...
Just shared on FB. I think most family thinks dh and I are weird anyway and friends.....well maybe it will spark a discussion.
Yeah, my dh is a teacher. I loved the name Liam. But he couldn't get out of his head the little kindergartner who wet his pants all through the year, I guess he just rubbed him the wrong way.   I don't think most of those names are bad and I like some of them. I know children with some of those names and they fit them quite well. Interesting list.    
My boys only like the Whole Foods O's. Ds 1 grew up with the Cascadian Farm, but now that we've switched he doesn't like them anymore (they are sweeter). I thought I'd buy Cheerios when we got back on WIC, because all the approved cold cereal is crap. But he hated them and dh had to eat the whole box. Plain Cheerios taste and texture are more airy, they seemed less wholesome to me. Although if it were my only option I might buy them. Otherwise I would just stock up on...
Has he talked to anyone at the park about whether they know someone who has something you could rent? Maybe closer to the park. Island Park and then West Yellowstone are pretty isolated, but then what better time to be up there than in the summer. It's such a small communtity and the year round staff live there and so may know someone who could help out with your situation......just a thought. I'm not a big fan of Idaho Falls......I can't imagine any of the areas close...
I've never heard that before. Ds has been in his bunk bed since last year when he turned 5 yrs. It's not been a problem but it is a style that has a rail on the edge.
I'm not sure if the OP has been up to CDA yet, but I thought I'd chime in.   My dh and I lived in CDA for 4 years from 2005-2009. We initially moved up there because we liked the area and were looking for a lower COL than Colorado. Unfortunately we moved up there the summer the real estate took off. We were unable to afford to buy even a home in CDA, Post Falls, Hayden, anywhere, much less land. It has come down a bit from prices I've seen, but I have a feeling like...
Are they offering housing for your dh? Idaho Falls seems like a long drive for him to commute daily.
I've never lived in St George. But I grew up in Logan, Utah and was LDS. I am no longer LDS and I don't think I would ever be able to live anywhere in Utah outside of Salt Lake (more diversity in SLC). Maybe you'll get more responses from mamas in Utah.
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