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Yay I'm glad to see this thread revived! I haven't posted much through the weeks of m/s but it is on it's way out. I am finally starting to feel normal again. I went shopping last week for some big clothes. I was stoked to get some great shorts and long shirts at the goodwill that should get me through the summer. I'm not getting any maternity until late summer. Last pg I couldn't wear maternity until 6 months, so I have not idea what this time will be like. I received a...
I think your only concern would be with frequent exposure. I wouldn't worry about it too much from using it just one time.
I ate rhubard with my first and plan to make a crisp out of the rhubarb just given to me! I say eat up and enjoy!
I actually get much more opportunity to sit down with this one because I was waiting tables with my first. But I work more hours which just wears me down. I just cannot sleep enough!! DS is old enough to understand I'm tired and so that has helped. But there were days where just answering his questions was draining. Dh feels like this pg is harder, because he is home more when I'm around. We worked opposite shifts last pg and so he never saw the amount of time I slept...
I am 15 weeks and I haven't felt anything yet. My midwife suspects the placenta may be anterior because she really had to prod around for the heartbeat. I don't think I felt my first until 20 weeks, so I'm not expecting anything yet. It'll be fun though when I do.
I use my belly oil on my breasts as well. It really helps with the flaky dry skin which I get around my nipples.
I started to show probably about 18 weeks with my first. This time at about 8 weeks. Really mostly bloating at first, but definately looking pg by 12 wks in the morning (when I'm not bloated). I look about 6 months along by evening!!
I had an epi with my first. My nurse midwife was concerned about his heart rate and wanted me to start pushing. I kind of wonder now if I had been in a different position for pushing then his heartrate may not have been so erratic. At the time she had moved me into a reclined seated position to check dialation. I ended up having a first degree tear as well. I'm planning a home water birth this time and am hoping that assuming whatever birthing position that feels right...
My midwife said I could drink a pot a day if I wanted too. But I know that for me that would be way to much. I personally don't handle more than two cups a day well. Last pg I did 1/2 regular 1/2 decaf and about 1-2 cups a day. I generally got decaf if I went to get a latte. This time I'll probably have one regular cup a day because that is what I've been doing just previous to this pg. I don't think 2 cups would be a problem, but I think most studies are based on 8 oz cups.
I voted for Fiona Grace. I like Fiona. My dh has a friend named Fiona and she occasionally goes by Fi (pronounced Fee).
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