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25 Weeks  5 Days.  Yup, those are pajama pants.  It's just that kind of Sunday afternoon...  
I sent some extra copies of the Spiral blessing and plenty of extra beads, so if there is another participant who joins I don't mind my package being held up to wait for her beads.  I plan to put my beads together with the ones  I will receive from local friends at my Mother Blessing in June before I make a necklace.  Goodness knows I may not meet my baby until July, with my history.
Sorry again for the delay and lack of response before.  I had been taking a break from MDC and focusing on my university email, getting into the swing of spring semester.  I didn't notice the March date when I first signed up.  I found the spiral blessing I sent here:  http://www.spiritualbirth.net/the-spiral-dance-of-birth The beads are Bethlehem Olive wood rosary beads, but I chose them for the natural material and spirals.  :)  Here's a photo I took: 
so sorry I haven't been checking in here since my semester has been in full swing.  I didn't realize we were doing this quite so soon.  I have my beads and I can mail them on Friday.  They are wooden with a spiral.  Thinking of kundalini energy and belly dancing.  Prenatal belly  dance video Dance of the womb is on Youtube.
I'm sorry you're having to deal with that stress.  Have you tried contacting the photographer directly to see whether he might be willing to make good?  (I wouldn't necessarily want to have him give me more of his services if he's bad at it, but maybe a partial refund or something?) I had a stressful dream the other night.  I gave birth to my baby right around now, in January.  It happened fast at home and baby was healthy except that baby looked like an elderly person --...
Here's a new thread for this week. @Dandy Lion had the last post, so I'm copying and pasting it here:  [[SPOILER]]
I love the water!  All four of my daughters were born in the water, so I'm hoping it works out that way again. I haven't been very active so far this pregnancy, and I feel out of shape.  I was planning on joining water aerobics in the fall, but my morning sickness kept me away from that 8AM class.  Morning sickness is gone now, and I'm starting school next week.  In addition to my 3 regular classes, I'm taking water aerobics at 8AM.  I live walking distance from the...
P.S.  Please, everyone, send peaceful energy our way.  MIL can drive me crazy sometimes.  Love her, but she's so anxious...
Thanks, @Activia.  I'll check the link.     I'm definitely more at home driving in small towns!  I never drive in the city without my GPS.  So helpful for finding parking!  And heads-up so I can be in the proper lane, etc.  I had to drive in Raleigh frequently before we left NC.  (I went to show support for midwifery legislation, so I was determined to make it!).
If you find yourself on Kneeland St. around lunch time and you see a mildly pregnant woman with toddler & confused senior, that'll be us.    (I'm hoping there will be a parking garage and I won't be required to parallel park in high traffic...)
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