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Update.....my religious exemption is on file at the school,I've been waiting for the school to tell me my ds cannot attend until March (that was a stipulation in the flu vax memo sent out by the state) --- we have not had much school lately due to the weather. My pediatrician who is totally on board w/ our family choosing not to have the flu vax, says I will be fine --- that my beliefs are my constitutional right and can change and not be questioned even though it is...
The state of Ct  -- has made the Flu vaccine mandatory for children under 5. We've never gotten the flu vax, I don't want to start now -- they say if I don't get my ds vax by Dec 30 he cannot attend school from Jan-Mar. He does have all his other vaccines -- we just finished our delayed schedule last week. Is there anyway to be exempt? or do I have to get him the vax. Any advice would be great. Thanks Jen
Ct used to have a ad campaign "Brown eggs are local eggs and local eggs are fresh" don't know how true it is
I have a friend of a friend who just had a baby 6 days ago, its her 2nd child and she is very pro-breastfeeding wants to nurse her new son..but he was born w/ a cleft palette on the back of the palette...towards his throat. I am trying to gather any helpful info medical advice/specialist info for her....anything would be great. I am also contacting llli.org to see what they say, she is located in the Portland Me area..anything would be a help thank you.
I just wanted to add my dd had a UTI at 11 mos --- insist on testing but be aware its kinda hard to get a urine sample on a little one, they did a catheter on my dd --yeeeoouucch ! After talking to my other mom friends there is an easier way -- put saran wrap (with some slack to catch the urine ) over the bowl. trust your gut!
My daughter went from 2yrs at a Montessori preschool to our public school using everyday math so far in K and 1st --- I am not a fan of everyday math --- I think its dumbing down the students, I am aware that it is based on a spiral concept and that the skills 'learned' now keeping coming back in more advanced ways as time progresses but --- In K it was mostly patterns (A,B,A,B ) w/ some coin knowledge--- this year in 1st they started the same way (the spiral) and have...
I don't know if there is a way to re-fluff the pillow top, I doubt it. -- but I do know moving the mattress to a new location voids any warranty the mattress may have had on it.
rhiandmoi - is your mattress under warranty? it sounds like you have a significant sag --- diff mfg have diff standards as to what is 'normal wear & tear' vs. a warranty issue--- but what happens is they send a tech out from the place you bought it and they measure the sag -------- Here's how: they attach a string usually with a safety pin on one side in the middle and then pull string across the bed and they use a ruler to measure from the lowest point in the valley to...
I used to be a 'mattress specialist' for a major retailer ---- seems like a liftetime ago-- but, YES, replace the boxsprings--- they are THE foundation for the mattress you could spend $3k on a mattress but if its on an old foundation its not gonna perform/last like it should & like the pp said It will probably void your warranty ---- & those are 20-30yrs and the major makers are pretty good at replacing a mattress for a warranty issue. Edited to add --- didn't notice...
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