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Thank you all soo much! You have given me so many ideas and HOPE that I can do this! I think we may have an opportunity to work on this this weekend, I like the run off idea to keep the rainwater from going straight to the bed. I'll have to see what DH (and my HOA) has to say about the three foot bed, I dont see why it would be a problem. Goodnews is I have been promised all the compost (supposedly really great stuff according to my gardening friend) I want, so hopefully...
Sadly, he probably wouldnt mind the spraying,.. he doesnt care about nutrition, health, chemicals, etc,... I think he's glad I do but wishes I wouldnt take it so far,... The raised beds off the ground sound interesting, saw some pics of that yesterday. Thanks for confirmimng what I was thinking about the water getting into feed my veggies also. I may check into organic lawn treatment, i just dont feel good about any of the back being sprayed, the place where the...
I really want to grow some vegetables this year (or next if I'm to slow), and DH has finally agreed to this. But he will not budge on having the lawn sprayed for weeds (not even the back,...). They come about every 6 weeks and either spray or spread those little white pellets, something I dont want in my food. I can ask the man to stay 10 feet from the planned raised beds (he already does this with our swingset area) to help avoid overspray, but I really dont want the...
thanks pixie punk, i'll check that out for sure! I did heat my second batch and it turned out AWESOME!! MY son enthusiastically told me it was the best yogurt he's ever had (acter adding the honey granules and strawberries I think I may be sorta picky about the consistancy as well, and I'm quiet sure my kdis will be unsless I sell it as a smoothie. I guess I just need to try it both ways to see what I think. Thanks again everyone!
Quote: Originally Posted by WuWei MDC mama, dogmom327 has many culture starters available at Cultures For Health. Pat thank you! I'll head that way!
I LOVE THIS THREAD!! I havent managed to read it all, and I wondered where's the best place to buy kefir to make my own? I dont currently know anyone who makes their own. I would love your recomendations on where to buy the kefir grains starter. I cant wait to try these awesome recipes you've posted! Thanks for taking so much time to put it all down!!
Thanks for your input, advice and experience! My first batch didnt turn out so good, but I think my second batch is well ont he way to being better
My main question is do you really have to heat the milk to 175 and then cool to 110 before adding the starter? I'm using raw milk and part of that goodness is NOT heating it up!! Will there be a problem if I only heat the milk to the lukewarm temp needed to add the culture starter? Thanks, and any other tips you have for a new yogurt maker would be greatly appreciated. I'm using a "Yo Life" yogurt maker.
Thank you all for your input. I did end up getting them and she gave me an extra flat which certainly makes it more worthwhile! I'm in GA, prime picking time and they are DELICIOUS!! Whoever called the grocery store variety "tastless orbs" pegged it, man these are good! Back to washing and preparing them to freeze! Thanks!
last year we picked our own, about 20 pounds worth but they werent organic, and made jam, strawberry-lemondae, popsicles, plus we ate them, they were also delicious after being frozen on waffles, etc,... I know we'll use them up and love every one of them, but,... $$$, .........
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