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How old is he?  Depending on his age, your reaction will be very different.  My ds is only 7 months old and puts everything in his mouth.  Completely natural and should be expected, but I don't let him keep things that are bad for him.  I don't say anything, just redirect, give him something different and act really happy about it if he starts to tantrum.  That's really all you can do at this age.  I think scolding a baby is completely pointless, even if they did...
Also wanted to add that we moved my ds1 to a convertible Britax at 9 months (we still did rear facing) and it made a HUGE difference because he could look around more.
Totally agree! Watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=di0dSVJm-Rc&feature=share
My ds is 6.5 mo and seems very interested.  He makes chewing motions and loves to eat when I do feed him.  However, I am finding that his tummy isn't ready for most of the food I am trying.  Pears and apples are fine, but bananas and sweet potatoes make him the fussiest baby ever.  So...I think even when they are wanting to eat, that doesn't necessarily mean their digestive system is ready.  
I've heard Fenugreek tastes horrible, so I would do the tablets.  Plus I think you get more that way.  Word of warning....after taking it a few days, I started smelling like maple syrup.  Could be a worse smell, I suppose, but I had no idea what was going on until I googled it.  
Good thing you got it figured out!!  We've had issues with weight gain as well.  I ended up taking Fenugreek which worked really well to boost my milk supply.  I believe it's safe to be on and off it too.  You only need to take it as long as you need it.  One problem I ran into when my ds hit 3 months is that he didn't think my letdown was fast enough and would pull off the breast.  The Fenugreek really made it so my letdown came almost immediately. 
You know, each kid is different.  With my first, I remember working and working to get him to sleep.  With my second one (who is now 6 months old), it seems much easier.  I don't know if this one is easier in general or if it's something I'm doing.  With this one, I wait longer before I put him down.  He is VERY sleepy by the time nap time rolls around and will go down without a whimper.  About a month ago, he started being difficult to put down and I realized that he...
...I'm still waiting, and my son is nearly 6 months.  
With my ds1, I just went with it.  I breastfed on demand right up until we stopped when he was 2.  From what I remember, we just developed a routine naturally around mealtimes.  For me, I just treated regular food as bonus calories for him up until he really took off with the eating.
Maybe it's the 4 month sleep regression (he's 5 months), but my son wakes up now if there is ANYthing going on around him.  His short naps turn into practically nothing and then I have a really cranky, crying baby.  Also, because he doesn't get a lot of sleep, his waking hours are shorter (I think).  He can really only last 1.5 hours without having a huge meltdown.  Maybe that's the normal waking hours at this age, but I just assumed it was short because of the short...
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