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I'm totally and completely at a loss with discipline/teaching with ds. Wow, he is completely unlike his sister in temperament and I'm flummoxed. Dd was/is a total rule follower and very in touch with her emotions from a young age. With discipline with her it pretty simple to parent her with AP principles. I could explain to her why what she was doing wasn't working, tell her how it made me/others feel and she got it. With ds, I'm lost. All weekend he was physically...
So glad I found this thread.  I've been dealing with my dd (almost 7) severe anxiety for a while.  Well, forever, really... it's just gotten much more intense lately.     I was on/off Zoloft for PTSD/anxiety for a few years and just started back on it due to the anxiety caused by dealing with my dd's anxiety!!   I totally agree that as parents, we need to deal with and model our own ways of dealing with anxiety so that our kids can.  That's why I'm back on meds...
I didn't read the entire thread but wanted to mention that we started dd's vax at age 6.  She's received 2 doses of DTaP and will receive one more to be "complete" for her age.     I may do one dose of MMR for the rubella titres.   I was completely non vax but wanted her to have T protection and the P protection is an added bonus since she has reactive airway.
Hugs from a mama with TWO former refluxers.     First off, if your latch is established, I really would recommend pacifiers if your LO will take one.  They helped soothe my refluxers tremendously.     Secondly, sleep is really really difficult for most babies with reflux.  With my first, I just didn't know what was going on, so my dd really suffered (and so did we).  When I had my second, I recognized reflux right away (and his was much worse).  The best thing we...
Rio is a great new movie that my 6 yr old is obsessed with.  The bad guy/bad bird are not very scary.  It is a bit of a love story, but sweet.  We really like it.  Super fun music!
This book: http://www.amazon.com/Your-Six-Year-Old-Louise-Bates-Ames/dp/0440506743/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1313466796&sr=8-1 just saved my marbles.  I was really losing it with my six year old.  I had no idea six was going to be this rough!  I'm almost done with the book and have soooo much more patience for my dd knowing developmentally what she's going through.  Good luck!
My dd (age 6) saw a therapist for while last summer and it just wasn't a good fit.  She was not AP friendly.     Does anyone have a recommendation for a therapist either Eastside or Seattle that you or someone you know uses and loves?  AP friendly is a huge plus.   Dd suffers from anxiety.   TIA!!
How did you start instituting chores in your house?  At what age?  And what chores?   My dd is 6 and I've started having her put her dishes in the sink/dishwasher after eating and picking up after herself.  All of this is with a fight and she always asks if she will get some sort of "reward" for doing it.  (she doesn't)   I'd love some ideas.  Thanks!
Thanks so much LynnS6.  I came here desperate for a little insight into my 6 yo's new impossible behavior.  I had no idea 6 would be so difficult!!
We got a Kanoe for ds, after I was convinced it would be a miracle for my dd who never slept.  I LOVE it, but it didn't work for ds, sadly.  It turned out he had pretty severe reflux and it didn't tilt enough to help.  We ended up having to have a sleep wedge made for him by an Occupational Therapist, that essentially made it so that he could sleep sitting up.   I think without the reflux, the Kanoe would have been a beautiful thing.  I was terribly sad that we couldn't...
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