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I lovvve sweet potato fries, I put coconut or olive oil and bake at 400 for maybe 30 minutes...mmmmmmm..... I love fall, too! This is such an awesome thread. We're eating outside on a blanket tonight if dh ever gets home from his walk with dd! I made the squash pasta recipe posted on page 2 by and it is soooooooooooooo incredibly good, I don't know how much longer I can wait!
edited my original post because the links were wrong
one more thing, she said they should all be gone in 2 weeks!
here's the website that referred us to the exterminator: www.greenneedles.com
I do believe it's working, it was actually last tuesday when she came. Since then, we've seen some in the daytime (usually only see late at night). And the ones we see are messed up, can't crawl well or just don't move. I *kinda* feel bad for them....kinda.
do they feel hard, like you're sleeping on hulls? Quote: Originally Posted by snanna We have organic buckwheat hull pillows, and we love them very much. We've had them for about eight years, and they are still just as lovely as they started. Read a bit about them and see if they sound good for your needs. we got ours here, and they are the best. One thing I love about them is that they are kind of heavy, for a pillow, and don't shift around...
I would write to this website: www.greenneedles.com. They're local to me and recommended a great eco-friendly pest exterminator. Their website has all eco-friendly products! hth
We had a problem with palmetto bugs, or big a** flying cockroaches. We just had an exterminator come a couple of weeks ago. I got a referral to them from a eco friendly pest website. When I spoke to the lady, she seemed very environmentally conscious and knew I didn't want anything suspect. She put a gel inside cabinets on the inside of the house and a boric acid bait on the outside. Here is the gel (advion roach bait...
They sound nice! We have a glass one.
I love bioshield paint
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