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Buy local. Do you have a farmer's market? We have one and a lot of the farmers aren't certified organic but they practice organic methods. Just ask, and if they say they do, then you can ask more in debth questions to find out if they really are.
I made a banner for my dd and wew use it every year...2 so far I just got around a yard of felt fabric for the banner and then cut out "happy birthday dd" and glued it on the banner. It's very special.
I got this: http://store.greenfeet.com/itemMatri...=&MatrixType=1 Have had it a year and it's great! You don't need a liner and just wash every once in a while. I let mine go for a few months and it got mildew on it, so I had to bleach it. I never use bleach but nothing else would work...it came out like new. HTH! Michelle
To me, it is stealing. If you buy something and don't pay for it, that's stealing...there's no justifying it, kwim? Michelle
What I do instead of using wrapping paper is use fabric! I bought a bunch of holidayish fabric at the craft store last year and some ribbon and used it for the gifts. When everyone was done opening, I just gathered all the fabric and ribbon for the next year! I love it Michelle
You should talk to the vet about anesthesia choices. I used to wwork at a cat clinic and clients had the choice of isoflourine or sevoflourine. Sevo is more expensive, but they (cats)..don't know about dogs..go under and wake up quicker. I always get sevo for my kitty. Just more info for you (hope it doesn't stress you out more). Michelle
definately craigslist...just watch for scammers. I've never encountered any, but many do.
Quote: Originally Posted by meli-mello We always have a frugal Christmas so I am totally in. I haven't started on anything yet though. No ideas either really but I have a craft room (closet actually, the table is in the closet too - we live in a small apartment) full of fabric and wool so that should get me started. We just found out we are pregnant so I imagine people will go nuts at Christmas whether we want them to or not. Any suggestions for...
Starting my list: dd: felt food toys, sock monkey, bath crayons, bath fizz dh: no idea dad and mom: pic dvd, calender, baked treats sister 1: spa basket? eye pillow sister 2: spa basket? eye pillow nephew 1: no idea nephew 2: sock monkey, bath crayons, bath fizz neice: sock monkey, bath crayons, bath fizz nephew (k): sock monkey, bath crayons, bath fizz neice (k): sock monkey, bath crayons, bath fizz mil/fil: pic dvd, calender, baked...
Quote: Originally Posted by sparkprincess I really don't do anything fancy. I think variety is the key to an impressive goody tray!! I usually bake up a ton of different cookies. Nothing too hard or time-consuming though. Some ideas: Sugar cookies chocolate chip cookies peanut butter cookies usually some mint chip cookies M&M cookies Macadamia nut cookies gingerbread brownies I also cover pretzels and pretzel rods. I do some in white...
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