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Quote: Originally Posted by sparkprincess Yay! I'm so glad to see this thread started already! DH: No idea yet. He's into techie stuff so it's really hard to shop for him. I would like to do some coffee spoons and maybe some chocolate covered espresso beans. Any idea how to cover the beans? Mom: Several compilation CDs with her favorite music on it. I also want to try some of the natural body scrub recipes that I have seen posted. She loves that...
subbing love the kitty!!!! do you have directions? Thanks! Michelle
Hi everone! Does anyone know a dentist in NC that practises healzone for cavities or how to find one? TIA!!! Michelle
Quote: Originally Posted by MujerMamaMismo I came to this thread to find out the same thing...anyone? I ignore it!
Vitacost.com is the best! They have EXCELLENT customer service, and very cheap prices! I usually get an order in 2-3 days
hope it works out!
Hey everyone! Does anyone know a natural remedy to stop the itching? I got 20 flea bites on just my legs the night before last! They itch horrible and it never stops. I've tried homeopathic apis, a homeopathic itch remedy, and tea tree oil. HELP!!! TIA, Michelle
Oh mama, I'm so sorry you have to go thru this. Try to be with a lot of friends these 2 weeks Michelle
I love it too! We just recently started using it because we we're starting to have stink issues with prefolds...they smell great now!!! Def. recommend the powder
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